The Club Penguin Times Is Coming To The Club Penguin Blog

The Club Penguin Team is going to be trying an experiment on the blog. In the near future they will be posting some of the articles found in the Club Penguin Times on the Club Penguin Blog, too.

Here’s the announcement post from Polo Field:

Hiya penguins!

Guess what? We’re going to try out a little experiment. We’re going to publish some of the Club Penguin story here on the blog, by occasionally posting newspaper articles from the Club Penguin Times.

Any time you see a post with this header image, you’ll know it’s part of the Club Penguin story:


This will give Android, iPad, and iPhone players the chance to read the Club Penguin Times, which is pretty cool. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Times… errr… “Team” LOL!

It’s an interesting move, but only if you don’t read the newspaper on the computer…

4 thoughts on “The Club Penguin Times Is Coming To The Club Penguin Blog

  1. Actually you can read the newspaper on CP. If you have an iPad/iPod/iPhone from Apple, you can download Puffin on the App Store. You can play Club Penguin (really CP, not like the app) on Puffin, but you can not play the games. I use every thursday, when Club Penguin update. It’s a really good app, but you need to pay after a month. I use iPad every time I play Club Penguin, I will not use my computer :P

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