EPF Message From Rookie, “Sent” On January 10th, Randomly Appears

If you check your spy phone messages and scroll down, you’ll see there’s a message from Rookie on January 10th. Except there’s a problem: no EPF message was sent on January 10th….bug! Between November 14, 2014 and March 5, 2015, there were no EPF messages. So how do you explain that? Here’s the message:

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 6.37.55 PM

It reads:

Heya! As communications lead, I wanna communicate that the sasquatch is super nice. He gave me a fish!

The sasquatch wasn’t really a known character in January, in fact his first “official” appearance aside from waddling around last Fall would be last month at the Puffle Party. So…..?

I have three theories:

  1. It’s meant to say April 10th, not January 10th
  2. It’s meant to be a future EPF message and somehow got released
  3. Club Penguin dun goofed

I think #3 is the most likely one.

Thanks Chrisiscool3!

15 thoughts on “EPF Message From Rookie, “Sent” On January 10th, Randomly Appears

  1. Wait? If Sasquatch gave Rookie a fish near January 10th, why did he steal that fish cake if he already knew how to get fish himself instead of stealing?

  2. Aren’t all the theories within the same basis?
    Maybe Rookie actually DID meet Sasquatch in January but the director didn’t publicly and it as it may comprise Sasquatch’ s identity before it was certain that he wouldn’t be easily spooked by all the penguins. The director likely didn’t know of Sasquatch’ s existence until then.
    “What about the fish?” I hear you say…
    Well Rookie would just have to pull a little trick. Just follow these instructions.
    1.I will give you this fish (give fish)
    2.Now you owe me a fish (take back fish)
    3.But now I owe you (give fish)
    4.Now you owe me again (take back fish)
    5.And now we are even.
    (If they have the item first miss out step 4) Rookie is mostly an idiot so he fall for the trick he pulled and Sasquatch gave him the fish. It’s confusing I know…

  3. Eh – What can you expect, Rookie is a flake.
    A funny flake, but still a flake.
    It took him lots of tries (50 maybe?) to become an EPF agent.

    • In the #11 PSA Mission (The Veggie Villain), Rookie says that he took the test 44 times in order to join the agency.

      I remember that in the first time I made the test I joined EPF (PSA was already destroyed) but after a few tries I made it perfectly (I admit that I watched I video).

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