Club Penguin Video: The Fair 2015 Sneak Peek

Today Club Penguin has uploaded a brief sneak peek video (a mere 20 seconds long!) highlighting what is new at this year’s Fair, which begins May 21st. At the Fair this year there’s an all new medieval area. The video starts off with sketches and then it transforms into the completed rooms. Pretty neat! Here’s the video:

Are you excited for the party? I definitely am! I look forward to experiencing the new section at the Fair.

39 thoughts on “Club Penguin Video: The Fair 2015 Sneak Peek

  1. This seems awesome :D

    It also seems other things from past parties will be involved in this party as well such as the Robos from the Future Party, Pirate Crabs from the Pirate Party 2014, and the Red Dragon from the Medieval Party 2013. Can’t wait to experience this party.

    I just hope the medieval area isn’t the only new section at The Fair. I’d really like to see other kind of themes featured in the Amazement Park such as a Puffle section, prehistoric section, super hero section, among others. I also hope some rooms on CP will get decorated as well (at least minor decorations apart from the dawn sky).

  2. WHAT on Earth does evil pirate crabs, robots from the worst party ever and werewolves have to do with the fair? I’m just asking it seems weird to me and disorganized and kinda thrown together maybe this part will be good maybe it will be bad I honestly can’t tell with this

        • I’ve seen you complaining about everything on a lot of these posts. It’s quite simple, if you don’t like the game, then don’t play it. Find something that you like.

        • Mind if I take part of this conversation?

          I simply don’t have anything to do here, but I feel the need to comment regarding this situation.

          Zoom has never said that he completely hates the game, but rather he hates some things about the game. Everybody has different perspectives and opinions, so why not respect his? If the day he disrespects another person’s opinion or thought, then that’s the day where I will accept your strike against him.

          He also has some few points here. He found weird the fact of having past things from past parties like the Robos from the Future Party to be involved with this years Fair. For instance, the Pirate Crabs. Didn’t Rockhopper send them away at the Pirate Party 2014?

        • to Anonymous: I do Animal Jam, Diner Dash, Cake Mania, Hotel Dash, Cooking Dash, Frozen Free Fall, UNO and friends, Diamond Digger Saga, Bubble Witch Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds Star Wars 2, and the list goes on and on

        • to Phineas: thank you for the nice comment that’s actually nice to see :)

          and no I don’t hate Club Penguin I just don’t like some of the new stuff because the way that some of the new stuff is done it looks lazy, uncreative and just a way to make some cash quick (that’s how I look at some things u may think differently) and no I wouldn’t say to a person “ew that’s gross why would u do that? or think that?” because that is pretty shallow and snooty and we all have our opinions like even though I think rap music is that worst kind ever some ppl think its fine and that’s their thoughts on it we are all entitled to our opinions and have a right to say wat we think (but try to say it in the nicest way possible if its bad)

          and thank you I mean the robots were in the FUTURE party so shouldn’t they stay there? and as for the crabs didn’t he make up a fake map to get them off the island?

          but again I don’t hate CP in fact I wish them the best of luck but I just wish they would put some more thought and attention and care into some of their work so they wouldn’t keep losing players left and right (which those players are probably going to Animal Jam sense their numbers are boosting and CP’s are falling)

        • to trainman: omg! that’s like the first time I’ve ever seen anyone say that (except on sites like Game House, Shock Wave, and Big Fish) I like all the “dash” games in fact! :) their nice games :)

        • I think this argument has gone on long enough!
          1.Darn You Auto Correct!
          2.Rude much?
          3. Maybe they’re different crabs, you never know, CP is good with it’s mysteries!

          I just hope that the robos, dragons and wear wolves come back as transformations!

    • Club Penguin renewed Fair’s concept, now it is like a party compilation, do you understand? That explains the crabs, robos, and castle.

  3. As cool as the Medieval section looks, it’s going to kinda bother me that it’s the only section with no games in it. It just feels uneven.

  4. OMG guys I just thought of something

    This may just be wishful thinking, but what if that castle led to the old knights quests from the Medieval Party?!

  5. Hmmm… I can place everything else at the end, but what about the werewolf? Maybe there will be a spooky area too?

  6. I need everyone’s help!! Including Trainman1405.

    Please email Club Penguin support, and request them to bring back the Penguin Cup from last year, with some new changes. I’d be awesome to see it return.

    Thanks for your support!

    • Even though I’ve loved last years Penguin Cup, I feel it pointless to have another one this year.

      Now that I think of, the Penguin Cup should take place each 4 years just like the real FIFA World Cups, and that it should take place in different islands and wait long enough (if CP is still alive) to host another Penguin Cup in CP Island. Let an island host each Penguin Cup and have many teams from other places to join in. This could be an awesome idea to explore other islands and to discover more from the CP Universe.

      Anyways, I wouldn’t really mind seeing another Penguin Cup this June, but I’d rahter have another party, depending on what is it. I’d love to see again another Festival of Flight, Water Party, Music Jam, Card-Jitsu Party, or even another EPF Mission. In fact, I’d LOVE to see another Marvel Super Hero Takeover. Really.

      • Now, if CP is planning to bring back the Teen Beach Movie: Summer Jam this June or make an Inside Out Takeover, then I’d really swap them for the Penguin Cup. Then again, it’s unofficial and we should wait to see if the parties are really worth it.

        • Your ideas don’t seem to bad at all.

          But do keep in mind that the CP team are making changes to returning parties.

          If we send our suggestions to

          Then it maybe worth suggesting the Penguin Cup, Festival of Flight, ANOTHER EPIC EPF mission too. Because the more incoming suggestions, the greater the chances for a party to return.

          I’m still hoping for another penguin cup either next month (or in 4 years, as you mentioned.)

  7. Club Penguin knows that bringing old parties, with new exclusive rooms, they attract more audience, than probably this “Frozen” party that I THINK has a approval rate of like 25% of MANY penguins. Expecting to see more parties like this CP!

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