Club Penguin Sensei Meetup Times For Haiku Day 2015

Today, the 17th of April, is Haiku Day. It’s the perfect time for Sensei to be waddling around Club Penguin, so he is doing just that over the next few days!┬áHere’s all the meetup times for time. For EST add 3 hours and for GMT (UK) add 8 hours. You can always check the clock tower at the Snow Forts if you’re unsure.

No meetup times left!

Thanks Spydar007!

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Sensei Meetup Times For Haiku Day 2015

  1. I remember my first time meeeting Sensei he was just like: “Umm, throw snowballs at what I say… Umm… Trees! Sky! Snow!” and all the people there were like “Seriously?…” haha x)

  2. syllables 5,7,5 …
    My haiku:

    Christmas, Valentine’s,
    St. Patrick’s, Easter – nothing.
    fake haiku day – why?

  3. oooooooooooooooooooooh…
    So to Club Penguin a holiday invented 8 years ago (according to my Google search) that nobody ever heard of is SO much better than a few that have been celebrated for a few thousand years, or a couple of other ones celebrated for a few hundred years.
    Those don’t even get a mention any more.
    Good to know.

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