Club Penguin Dock Maze Rooms Sneak Peek

Club Penguin will soon be having an underground maze as an event, and they’ve released the files to it early! What I did was take pictures of all the maze rooms and combine it into a single image so you can see the maze in full.┬áCheck it out:


At the end of the maze will be a room with a pick-axe. There will also be a secret dance room, which if I’m not mistaken, is accessed through a hole in the wall – look at the top left of the image at the hint of green where the wall is crumbling.

This maze event looks like it’ll be fun! I’m looking forward to the release of it, whenever that may be.

Thanks Saraapril!

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Dock Maze Rooms Sneak Peek

  1. I hope when it is released it is not the entire event/party. Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the cloth in the gold mine.

  2. Hey Train, look closely at the Prize room photo. The free item is a pickaxe. You can also see Herbert’s Machine that was used during PSA Mission #8 Mysterious Tremors.

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  5. As I said, before this will be a short EPF Mission like Hot Sauce was back in April 2014, why am I saying that this will be a EPF Mission just like Operation: Hot Sauce, you probably noticed the Driller Machine Herbert used in Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors! This is another clue guys, where this mission is gonna be just like Operation: Hot Sauce or Operation: Blackout back in November 2012! Train, do you remember my comment when I said to you that Herbert’s Imprint at one of the studio’s at the SoundStudio that “this is a hint for an Upcoming EPF Mission” well, it looks like i’am right! One last word, from The Boiler Room to the Hidden Lake all of these rooms will be destroyed, and then we have to rebuild them again!

    • apparently after the rest of the old rooms “get destroyed” with some pathetic “storyline” they are going to update them and ruin them (see below)

      I can name three rooms that haven’t been updated yet: The Underground Pool, the Ice Berg, and the Boiler Room. You can bet that when they are ready to be moved of the mobile version of Club Penguin, they too will get an art update.

      RIP old CP 2005-2008
      RIP modern CP 2009-2012
      RIP good CP 2005-2012

  6. There is also some new club penguin music added to the list called “Underground Adventure” which may be related to this. Maybe this Cave Maze will come as a ‘1 week’ event within the next few weeks!

  7. Hey Trainman, i don’t know if will help anything, but inside the maze rooms play a remix of EPF Music and at the Secret Room it plays Herbert Style. Also when you enter the Prize room after completing it, you hear something screaming, sounds like Herbert, but it looks more like Sasquatch grumps. This is the Pickaxe pop up, but CP didn’t configured the room yet, so it stays like undefined

  8. After seeing the accidental EPF message and now this, there’s obviously (finally) an EPF/PSA-related event going on.

    I wonder if they really DID look at those feedback forms! :O

    (I noticed a Club Herbet update (probably from ages ago lol) but it makes no sense, and looks pretty unrelated tbh)

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