Club Penguin May 2015 Penguin Style Sneak Peek

Many people want another Marvel Superhero Takeover to celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, and while there won’t be a Marvel Party, Club Penguin will have some Marvel costumes in the May 2015 Penguin Style!

On the Russian Club Penguin Blog a gif sneak peek of some of the catalogue’s pages was posted. Here it is:


UPDATE: Here it is in English:


Don’t worry, there will be more than just Marvel items in the catalogue.

Thanks Sasha!

32 thoughts on “Club Penguin May 2015 Penguin Style Sneak Peek

    • We don’t know if there will be new costumes, although I won’t be surprised if there are a few. And nope, the new movie isn’t out in America yet — but I doubt I’ll be seeing it regardless.

  1. Clubpenguin is FINNALY going back the good way! Now the Team decided to do no full matching Parties on the app anymore, just small events is GOOD! so now they can back focus on the Web Party experience so that means PARTIES WILL BE AWESOME AGAIN!!! :D

    • Yes, I agree. Although a second marvel takeover wouldn’t be that bad; It’s one of the few takeovers I actually enjoyed.

  2. Seems a bit weird. They probably couldn’t get permission to have a Marvel Takeover this year so decided to just put the Marvel items in the Penguin Style Catalog in an attempt to satisfy the people asking for one

  3. I hate how they had a Frozen Party but not a Marvel one. No one asked for Frozen but everyone asked for Marvel. There’s a movie coming out not a seven minute short. :/ That’s what I hate, CP be like: Let it go but There are strings on us for this one. :/ Really?!! Nobody wanted the Frozen Fever.And I know many players who want Marvel Takeover. There are many people who are a big fan of Marvel like me,Lulu and Green Ninja. I wish they have one later.

  4. Phew! For a second I thought the Fair was cancelled. Not that Marvel is bad, but I prefer a Fair, since it’s been over a year now!

  5. Marvel Superhero Takeover 2015 was likely scheduled but postponed because of May going to be a busy month with the Fair and the Rainbow Puffle Celebration. This is likely why the “Power Crystal Jump” minigame from Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 is present in Galaxy Park. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Marvel Superhero Takeover in June. I think the Penguin Cup, Adventure Party, or a music-related event will be in July though. An Inside-Out party is also likely. Whichever side you happen to be on, just hope we get a decent party. -TheCarterFitz

  6. seems like everyone on here thinks that if no one wants it on this website that no one wants it at all NEWSFLASH there are other websites besides this one the comments in this section do not determine the parties of CP get that through ur heads

    • its weird she like goes through these mood swings of hers one minuet she is like “omg I LOVE Club Penguin is so awesome! :D” and the next she is like “OMG I HATE CLUB PENGUIN AHHHH” o.o I have no idea wat is with Saraapril

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