Club Penguin Having Two Parties Next Month: The Fair and Rainbow Puffle Party

Next month Club Penguin won’t be having one party, but two! One of the parties will be accessible on the computer and the other will be available only on mobile.

Here’s what Megg wrote on the Club Penguin Blog today:

Hello Penguins!

This month we’re trying something NEW.

We’re going to have two different parties — one on desktop, and one on the Club Penguin app! The team really wants to give everyone the BEST experience possible on each version of Club Penguin. And in the past, some of our desktop parties have been difficult to replicate on the app and still be fun for everyone. So…

On the app—when you log on May 21 to June 3 there will be a celebration for rainbow puffles!


On the computer—when you log on May 21 to June 3, you’ll experience all the wonders of the Fair and Amazement Park.


What do you guys think of having different parties? Leave a comment and let us know.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin

P.S. We’ve got an epic announcement about the rainbow puffles and sneak peek of a new area of the Amazement park coming later this week! Ninja’s just adding a few of the final touches as you’re reading this.

Looks neat! You can see that the Marvel Superhero Takeover mini-game will be returning at the Fair’s arcade.

53 thoughts on “Club Penguin Having Two Parties Next Month: The Fair and Rainbow Puffle Party

  1. A new Medieval-like area opening, plus the AWESOME ATTRACTIONS RETURNING? As well as 2 new parties, I can’t wait for this party!

  2. See! CP is listening to us! We complained parties were nerfed in order to satisfy mobile. So they made new parties for the app instead. Also, RAINBOW PUFFLE QUEST ON CP APP. Yeeeeeees!

  3. Well that’s weird…

    But I think it’s sort of interesting…
    I guess I don’t mind if they get a party on the mobile that I can’t, as long as the computer gets a party too.
    Loved the Space Squid Ride last year, and it looks like it’s back.

  4. The only problem I have with this version of the Fair, is that the main rooms don’t get decorated. Instead, the whole party is made up of party rooms. I’d rather the rooms be decorated. :c

  5. WAIT WAIT WAIT! computers get a repeat of a kinda annoying party but the app ppl get a WHOLE NEW thing (and any of u that are going to say “well u can always get the app on Google Play or the App Store” zip it! because they lied and didn’t make it for all Androids)

    • It’s not a repeat, they are reusing and adding. Since the very beginning of Club Penguin they have done that.

      And the iOS app doesn’t work for all iOS devices, either. They have hardware limitations. It’s like modern computer games, they won’t work on a Windows 95 PC.

      • ok idk where ur from but where I’m from it is not illegal to complain about CP and why is it that I cant say my opinion with all the hate I’m getting do I have the right to yell at all of u that I disagree about. I may reply to some ppl with my thought but I never go “oh ur opinion is stupid and u shouldn’t do that u should hate everything about CP” unlike u

      • one last thing, ur going to have to accept the fact that unless Monchocho reopens his site I’m here to stay (although I do like trains website better it has more sneak peeks) so back off I didn’t ask u to be snooty towards me and act like better then me so why should u?

  6. Now this is what I like. The Fair was an awesome party, If they make it similar (with the silver tickets but without the pins in the spin wheel and with different prizes AND cheaper) it’ll be awesome. Yeah, they’re reusing an old party, but at least it’s a cool one, and with some new things.

  7. They finnally listen to us. First of all the same party on the web and mobile is good idea but it just didnt work well… It took the team Too much time to code the mobile full party, therefore its good they now are gonna so just small event on the app instead so they can back focuse more of the full party on the Web like they did years ago! <3 i really think the parties will now be back awesome and not boring like they used to be.

  8. Hey Trainman1405. I’m hosting a party called #HelpTheClubPenguin. I’m inviting you to come and also if you want you can tweet this on twitter. I am bringing guests. The Party is on the server Frozen at 8:00 am penguin standard time penguin standard time at the town on Saturday,May 2nd 2015. Please attend the party.

  9. With the fact that past party mini games can make an appearance at the fair I wouldn’t mind having the battle scorn mini game or the wizard one ( whatever it’s called ) appear at the medievil park

  10. This is cool, they’re finally listening to us. Also, I understand it takes alot of time to make a party, but I hope they don’t get lazy and just use the exact same rooms from last years fair on this Fair. Redesign all the rooms, bring back some old fair rooms, don’t just decorate the town and Plaza, decorate 90% of the rooms. Also, don’t just have it be like other parties where for example the Amazement park is the only party of the party.

    Bring back the Amazement Park this year, but make it better. Add like 2 more rooms with all new games and rollercoasters. That would be awesome. Also, bring back the prize stands and when you play a game you get tickets to buy them.This will be good, I’ve always liked the fair.

  11. Well, what about people that just play the game on desktop cuz they doesn’t have any mobile devices?

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