Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party 2015 Trailer

Club Penguin’s Frozen Fever Party begins soon! In the meantime Club Penguin has released a short trailer/commercial/advertisement showing some sneak peeks of the party.

The party will be one month long on mobile and two weeks long on the computer.

11 thoughts on “Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party 2015 Trailer

  1. so this is just a repeat of last year? OH COME ON last years was terrible (not because it was Frozen it was just lame) and now this year they are being lazy and just re-coloring some things

  2. This party isn’t gonna save CP, Disney and Chris have lost it. Haven’t replied my emails in more than 72 Hours. Things in CP are very tense right now…

    • Nobody said the party was gonna save CP, that wasn’t the aim of it.

      CP laid off a lot of support staff according to a news article so it’s gonna take longer to receive a response from Club Penguin.

    • well
      1: Frozen is the most popular animated movie OF ALL TIME number 5 overall, Elsa is number 1 on a list of which Disney Princess has made the most money (even though she is a queen) and Anna came in 4th (being beaten by Snow White and Cinderella), and they sold over 3 MILLION Elsa and Anna in just 1 year, the album was #1 on the Billboard hot 200 charts (they thought Taylor Swift 1989 might win but it came in second) and lets not forget how much Frozen merchandise there is (everything from singing dolls to diapers no joke) and plus some ppl just went to see the new Cinderella movie to see Frozen Fever (which is kinda snooty I mean just wait for the DVD then) so I would think they think it would help them a little bit (which it kinda did google trends says their up 13 now as to 12 last month)
      2: it gives them more time to come up with their new excuse (I wonder if they write all answers on a white board for the support team or if they use a dart board to choose their answer)

      but a full Frozen Fever party to me still doesn’t make sense because the only things that are Frozen Fever related are about the size of a mini party it would have made more sense to do a mini Frozen Fever party then a full Cinderella (2015) party sense that’s the way they do it in the theaters

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