Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party 2015 Is Here

Club Penguin’s fourth party of 2015, the Frozen Fever Party, is now happening!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.24.56 PM

The party is until May 6th, unless you’re on mobile, in which case it’s two weeks longer

Table of Contents:

Party and Free Items

When you first login you’ll be greeted by Anna, who is with Olaf and Elsa.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.25.11 PM

It’s so nice to meet you all! Elsa has brought magic snowflakes to help you cool off!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.25.18 PM

Remember, the heart is the only way to melt magic ice. Try emoting one if you want to that a room.

The Dock has a brand new room design for the Frozen Fever Party. Scattered throughout the room are many different pins.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.31.52 PM

I’m not going to spoil all of them for you, but here’s a few of them…

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.31.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.32.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.32.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.32.54 PM

Go through the doors for even more pins!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.33.15 PM

Also at the party there is a free Spring Palace Igloo for everyone. Be sure to collect that before the party ends! There are also items you can obtain by collecting magical snowflakes at the Beach, Dock, Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, Forest, and Cove.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.34.11 PM

Compared to the original Frozen Party, the snowflakes are smaller. Yay! Here’s what they look like:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.34.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.34.54 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.34.57 PM

After you get the three snowflakes in a room you’ll automatically unlock the items. One item is for everyone and one is for members.

Once you collect the snowflakes in all the rooms you can collect an item, the sparkles, a snowman puffle, and transform. (all members only)

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.37.02 PM

Elsa’s Ice Palace will be opening next Thursday.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.31.39 PM


The usual emotes have returned:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.25.37 PM


It’s a solid party and an improvement/extension to the original Frozen Party. There’s many items (a scavenger hunt, if you will) and the snowflakes are smaller and slightly more difficult to find. It’s win-win. Thanks Club Penguin for the party! I’m still stumped why it’s a month long on mobile, though, it seems like overkill…

47 thoughts on “Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party 2015 Is Here

  1. 2015:
    Jan – Horrible
    Feb – Horrifyingly Horrible
    Mar – Eh
    Apr (Cave Maze) – Good
    Apr (FF Party) – Horrifyingly Horrible

    • 2015
      Jan- awful (although I do like the Inquisiters sword)
      Feb- HORRIBLE
      Mar- NEXT!
      Apr- (cave maze) I agree good (except for the prize although it did go with the theme)
      Apr- (Frozen Fever party) can we plz Let It Go because they are not Making Today A Perfect Day and no I will not keep calm and Build A Snowman and this is not the First Time In Forever they have been lazy they have a bunch of Frozen Hearts and are a bunch a major Fixer Uppers, I guess Reindeer Are Better Then People (see wat I did there)

      whats next?
      TOTAL DETRUCTION (sky gets dark)

  2. wat we can learn from this party (pulls out big book and puts on fake glasses)
    1: CP is too cheap to do a new version
    2: CP is too cheap to spend 20 dollars to go see Frozen Fever cause that’s NOT the way the presents go (everyone knows the Anna and Elsa on the tower come last cause that’s when Elsa was tired she almost fell off the top of it and Anna made them stop and go back home)
    3: they are too cheap to make NEW clothes/prizes
    4: they are too cheap to make new rooms except for the dock
    5: they are too cheap to come up with a new scavenger hunt
    6: they are too cheap and LAZY to fix any of this and actually come up with something new for Frozen
    7: they are too LAZY to come up with anything else besides becoming Olaf and Marshmallow and to do something else besides freezing and unfreezing things
    8: they are too lazy to actually see wat the town is now without all the snow

    (writes big fat F on page in book and closes book) did I miss anything?

    I personally like Frozen but Frozen + CP = the reason why ppl hate Frozen

  3. They should change the theme of the party, cause not everyone (some boys?) likes this movie… (Star Wars Rebels anyone?) Also, I quit this game cause it’s not fun. I didn’t have a like for any of the parties (for this year). I never tried the maze yet though.

    • Not everyone likes ANYTHING.
      I figure if I like every other party then that’s good enough, because other people prefer the ones I didn’t like.
      They have a lot of people to please.

      Personally, I’m happy with Club Penguin this year and especially this month.
      Loved the maze, and VERY much like the rooms at this party when they are all iced over. They seem so appropriate for penguins that way.

      As far as not reconfiguring all the rooms: they added rooms that related to the short, and left the rest.
      Makes sense to me.

      • ok I don’t mean to be rude but have obivosly not seen Frozen Fever because it all takes place in the town so the “Olaf summer” rooms don’t relate (snow forts and cove) and the woods rooms don’t go with it (forest and beach) especially the forest sense Oaken set up shop in Arrendelle this time (but they did set up that area at the dock but it doesn’t make total sense because his cart is in the town not the courtyard)

        it would have been nice if they had actually took a few more days (sense they have 3 months to make these things) to make it relate more to the short other then just a boat load of pins and 2 new rooms :( it would have at least showed that they cared at least a little bit and are not total cheapos that just want money and don’t care about us at all :(

        • I think they do care.
          They’re in a hard place – if they only do a few new rooms a lot of people complain ‘why can’t they at least give us some old rooms’…
          BUT if they give us the old rooms in addition to the new ones a lot of other people complain ‘those are the rooms they used before, I’d rather just have a few new rooms’.

          What are they supposed to do?
          Have TWO Club Penguins?

          If people keep complaining no matter what they try, pretty soon Club Penguin will be more trouble than it’s worth and we’ll lose what I consider one of the best websites around…
          AND it’s the only one where we’ve bought memberships.
          I found it back in 2009 and I’d like to have it still here until my youngest cousins outgrow it.

        • ok first of all I buy membership for Animal Jam too, second of all I have never seen ppl be like THAT but those ppl are probably just ppl who can’t make up their minds, third of all I don’t consider it one of the best websites ever (u have your opinion and I’m just stating mine that’s all) and when it comes to the “few rooms” thing I think they just need to decorate all of the island not be just like “oh and we will do the town then the snow forts and the plaza and that’s all and we will put up some signs around the island so we can say we have more rooms” but when it all comes down to it its really a war between new and old. new players like new because that’s all they know and us old players (most) like old because we got to see fun CP before all the pookies and preps and takeovers and clothes that u could get at the mall (which FYI is very boring because most games come up with clothes u could only get in ur dreams) but (in my opinion) CP will only listen to the new players so they can keep with the new stuff and just throw us old players in the trash if we don’t like new (again u have ur opinion and I have mine)

  4. You need to understand that CP has serious problems. Like Screenhog said, they have to bring back items and parties to mantain CP. So do not argue please, be happy that CP is still playable, not like Pandanda or other Virtual Worlds. Let’s see how well they can survive the hard months. Give them some time.

    But unfortunately I see in front of my eyes this: Club Penguin will be permanently shutting down its servers later this year. Purchases of Memberships will be disabled as of today.

    Trust me, if we don’t support the game, it will happen. Very soon.I’m not saying that you should go and buy Membership immediately, but don’t argue about the party and updates. Just.. “Let it go” and play.

      • I play since September 2006 and I agree that CP is very different (not in a good way) starting from March 2011. First I thought that they are lazy (bring back rooms, items) and don’t really care about the game, just going straight forward with their old ideas (new puffles every time, you are not able to access rooms/items from the beginning of the parties, etc.) but now I realized they have problems. If we don’t help them, the game will be over.

        I don’t really like the updates since March 2011, but I would mind if they shut down the servers. Because of the memories, because of the employers and the long and successful history what this game had. It is close to its edge, running its last laps but it is never good to see a game dying which the CP team had so many work with.

        • well I joined in October 2011 but started in January 2012 so idk about March 2011 but I personally think 2012 was awesome and that in 2013 it slowly went downhill and got faster and faster as the months of 2014 and 15 went by

    • That’s basically what happened to Build-a-Bearville:
      -Loads (including me) played on it
      -They never updated ANYTHING after 2012, same old parties every year, NOTHING CHANGED
      -Memberships were no longer purchasable, they stopped selling them with no good reason, and were offering refunds to those who bought them recently
      -It shut down in March, everybody was sent an email that all accounts will be permanently deleted on 31st March 2015 and voila, half my childhood gone!

      I sure hope that the other half doesn’t decide to self-destruct soon either! xD

  5. January: Good Party
    February: What, just don’t speak about it
    March: Love puffles, cool new lodge
    April: Maze was great, love the disco room, maybe add a better item at the end
    April: Great improvement to last years, love the pins and a great look for the dock
    Train what’s your favorite party so far in 2015.

  6. At the Earth Day meetup, everyone asked Megg what the May 2015 party would be and she said something like “If I tell you it would be fair”. The Fair will return in May!

  7. Club Penguin is just going down hill, I mean Polo Field leaving, these parties, this game is either going to another company or there will be no more Club Penguin in 2016.

  8. something like CP won’t shut down easily because they have Disney to fall back on its like when the “daddys little princess” type of girls max out their credit cards then go to their dad and ask them to fix it. let’s face it: CP has fallen into rock bottom but because of Disney they will continue to stay open who knows maybe all the takeovers and the TV SPEACIAL (underline the word special its not a show aka series) are Disney’s way of trying to bail them out but it isn’t working and spike hike needs to pull on the big boy pants and actually take responsibility for CP. Disney may own CP but they shoved CP so far back into the dark creepy corner the only things that is farther back is the abandoned by Disney stuff so really its Spike that’s running CP and he needs to man up! and quit crying to Disney and saying “can woo pwease welp mwe (gives puppy eyes)” cause its just lazy and wrong and I’m sure Disney has more important things to worry about then keeping CP from sinking so Spike should start to handle CP and wake up and FIX THIS not put a little patch on the problems but actually fix it (and before any of u say anything yes ik this is not where this goes but I wanted to put it where ppl could actually see it)

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