Club Penguin Frozen Fever Event Is From April 23rd to…May 20th? (Update: 2 Weeks On Computer, 1 Month On Mobile)

If you visit on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, you will see that at the top of the page there is a mention of Frozen. The text says “experience the magic of Disney’s Frozen in Club Penguin April 23 – May 20.” That’s quite a long time period, assuming it’s not a typo…although I’m not sure how they would make a typo like that.

Details about the Frozen Fever event are currently unknown, but I’m sure we will hear more news about Frozen from Club Penguin in the near future.


ThanksĀ Pengupalchum!

UPDATE: It turns out the party will be two weeks on the computer and just under a month long on mobile. Wow. o_O

28 thoughts on “Club Penguin Frozen Fever Event Is From April 23rd to…May 20th? (Update: 2 Weeks On Computer, 1 Month On Mobile)

  1. It’s just a glitch. How do I know this?

    1) Megg said APRIL is Frozen.

    2) A party that long is impossible, plus Frozen party 1 month long would be boring.

    3) Polo confirmed May for the Fair.

  2. Way too long for a Frozen party. I’m kinda fine with the whole Frozen hype, but I really don’t want to have a Disney takeover party for this freaking long.

  3. It’s already ridiculous enough having every party being 2 weeks long. But a month long? That’s just taking it to far. Especially when it is based off of something that is only 10 minutes long. :/

  4. apparently they didn’t know the song is “making today a perfect DAY” not month but the main question is will they bring back the old Frozen clothes or make new Frozen Fever clothes?

    • Theory! Is the Frozen Fever party the last mobile party?
      How do I know this? Well….
      1. It will be going on for a month ( On app ), enough time for everybody to witness the mobile party.
      2. It might be a repeat of the last year’s party, the first party on app is frozen, the last party on app is frozen.
      3. Since mobile parties have been getting bad reviews, it would be essential to go back to the desktop party formula.

      Please reply on your thoughts.

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