Club Penguin Frozen Fever 2015 Party Sneak Peek

Today on Facebook the Club Penguin Team has posted a sneak peek image of this month’s Frozen Fever party. The sneak peek posted it not of the finished room, instead it is of a pencil sketch.┬áHere it is:

Looks like the room art for our upcoming Frozen Fever Party is coming along nicely! Players can check it out the party on their desktop computers, April 23 – May 6 and in the Club Penguin app April 23 – May 20.

Posted by Club Penguin on Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The Frozen Fever event begins April 23rd.

Thanks Pengupalchum!

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Frozen Fever 2015 Party Sneak Peek

  1. ik its supposed to be the castle but isn’t this supposed to be about Frozen Fever? I see the garden I see the throne room I see the queen announcement area and a made up room but the short mostly takes place in the town and the palace courtyard (and on top of that none of these areas in the picture are done right but then again this is CP)


    How about no!
    How about no!
    Don’t want Frozen any more!
    How about no!
    How about no!
    Just leave it at the door!
    I don’t care what Spike Hike says!
    Frozen just sucks!
    This party always bothered me anyway.

    • It’s funny how opinions, make parties seem small
      And the mods who once controlled me, can’t get to me at all!
      It’s time to see what I can do, To rage on Facebook and Twitter too.
      Frozen’s wrong, don’t question meeee, you agreeee?

      • Last time I ‘Let it go’ Spongebob fell into a pit on battle for bikini bottom.
        Last time I built a Snowman it was falling apart and had wooden boards for arms.
        Also my sisters dolls blast those songs non-stop if you even look at them. IT’S TORTURE!

      • 1: how is that possible? last time I checked when u let go of the controller the charater is supposed to stop moving
        2: ur supposed to use STICKS I don’t live in a place where it gets snow (not even in winter) nor have I ever been in snow but even I know that
        3: there are multiple versions of that (surprised they haven’t come out with new ones that play “making today a perfect day”)

        • 1. Common mistake: I meant let go of a ledge. Watch “YTP: Elsa lets her sanity go” to get that joke but DON’T if you have epilepsy. Seriously!
          2. I couldn’t find any sticks and those were the closest things I could find.P.S putting sticks in capitals reminds me of a Sonic Boom character…
          3. Fair point: I wonder how long it would take someone to ‘crack’ if you put them in a room with every single one in the world blaring let it go and do you wanna build a snowman all at once non stop though.

        • 1: I don’t watch YTP
          2: alrighty then
          3: actually they don’t have one that plays Do You Wanna Build A Snowman just multiple Elsa dolls that play Let It Go (both toddler and regular versions) Anna that plays For the First Time In Forever and Olaf that plays In Summer (saw them on TV)

      • I was just poking some fun. Sorry if I offended you.
        I’m still going to attend though because free items is free items and I don’t have a problem at all with Olaf.

  3. It is very faint but in the top right corner there is a timer at 0:00 and an Operation: Blackout folder.
    Does the top half remind anyone else of floor 11/the balcony from last year’s Halloween party?

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