Club Penguin Footprint Pin Cheat

Two weeks has passed since Club Penguin released the Fishing Rod Pin so a new pin has been hidden on the island! The new pin is the Footprint Pin. You’ll find it at the Lighthouse Beacon. This is the eighth pin to be hidden at the Lighthouse Beacon and it is Club Penguin’s ninth pin of 2015. The last pin to be hidden at the Lighthouse Beacon was the Snowman Puffle Pin back in August 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.56.12 PM

If you’re interested in putting my pin tracker on your website you can get the HTML code to embed it on this page.

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11 thoughts on “Club Penguin Footprint Pin Cheat

  1. In Portuguese, the name of this item is “?????? Pegada” (something like “?????? Footprint” in English).
    Maybe it’s hinting another prehistoric travel?

  2. Hmmm!! Actually, there was a pin at the beacon a few weeks ago, but it was the pin to cross the river in the stage play “Secrets of The Bamboo Forest”

  3. Love the fact that the pin is small in the room and kinda blends well with the spot the pin is hidden. However, what bothers me is that the pin is TOO small on the playercard. CP has been doing that a lot lately with making pins small on the playercard.

    Pins should be small in rooms, not in the playercard.

    Hope CP stops making pins small in the playercard.

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