Club Penguin Blog You Decide: May 2015 Penguin Style Item

The Club Penguin Team wants your input again! This time they are deciding which costume should be available in next month’s Penguin Style, which means whichever item is chosen is going to be for members only.┬áThe choices are the Caramel Apple costume, Gold and Green Knight Costume, or the Alien Costume. Here’s what they look like:


You can let Club Penguin know which costume you want by commenting on the Club Penguin Blog. I’m also curious which item the readers of Club Penguin Memories prefer, so if you’d like, you can vote in my poll below too.

Which clothing item do you want to be available next month?

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I personally want the Caramel Apple Costume, since we already have similar costumes for the other two – especially the knight.

7 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog You Decide: May 2015 Penguin Style Item

  1. I like the apple costume. its cool and we’ve only had one other one and this is like the other apples cousin :)

  2. Actually, why don’t we have ALL of these items available? If I REALLY had to choose one though, I’d choose the Candy Apple Costume.

    I can foretell May’s party will be

    1. Another Fair involving the same Amazement Park again with new sections (Medieval and Space)
    2. A Medieval Party and Future Party crossover.
    3. Some other party :P

  3. i want apple costume because it’s unique. I don’t think we have a caramel apple costume before but just a regular apple. We already have a knight and alien costume. I wouldn’t mind the knight costume though, because the colours are cool.

  4. it always seems like I pick the one that gets the most votes, I mean I’m not one of those people that just picks the one that everyone likes to get approved :/ but it always seems like after I pick the one I like and scroll down everyone likes that one too :/ huh weird

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