Club Penguin Blog: Frozen Fever Party 2015 Confirmed!

Grab your pitchforks, Polo Field has announced the Frozen Fever Party on the Club Penguin Blog! Here’s his big announcement post:

Hello penguins!

The rumors are true… We’re hosting a Frozen Fever Party, starting April 23!

We’re bringing back all your favorite rooms from the Frozen Party, along with a couple of new places inspired by Disney’s Frozen Fever animated short. Also, there will be some new Frozen Fever-inspired items for members. Here’s a sneak peek:


If you’re a paid member, during the party you’ll also be able to adopt the rare Snowman Puffle, inspired by Olaf from Frozen.


To everyone who missed out on the Frozen Party last year — welcome! This party’s for you!

For those of you who’ve been on the island for a while, please join me in welcoming our new players in the comments below!

Until next time… Waddle on!

70 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Frozen Fever Party 2015 Confirmed!

  1. Hey Trainman1405! I got details for the Easter party. Also I’m the guy who interviewed you. The server is Frozen on Saturday the 4 . Time is 2:00 pm penguin standard time. The room is the town. Hey Trainman105 I read the comment. I changed the date to Saturday 4.

    • I’ll try my best to attend, although I don’t know if I’ll be able to, since that’s the day I leave for my relatives. It depends if I’m in the car still or not.

  2. Wait I thought it was gonna be a mini party. Oh well. Instead of Frozen, they should create better takeovers. I would love a Gravity Falls party or a Star vs the Forces of Evil party :P

  3. 1: if ur going to do a Frozen Fever party make Elsa look sick, she was in the short
    2: why doo they always mess up on Elsa’s outfit? her cap has way more stuff then that and the flowers don’t go all the way up her back their just on the bottom and why are her shoes NEVER heels? if they can make high heels for fake rich ladies wanting to show off pookies they can make Elsa’s shoes correctly. and why does Anna not have her socks?
    3: wat story line is there? (if there is any this time) Anna already had her party and is 19 now, Elsa is better and sneezing snowgies anymore, the snowgies all went to live with marshmellow (I can throw spoilers sense none of u care) unless Anna lost all her gifts and the snowgies stole them there is really no other story that goes with this :/ unless they retell the story which would really make no sense at all for a list of reasons :/

    • Dude, The party doesn’t have to take place the same day as the short aired, the heels and socks don’t matter, they’re penguins for crying out loud! They didn’t mess up on Elsas outfit, it’s just how she’d look like as a penguin……And I’m not even a frozen fan..

  4. How are they not getting the hint that players don’t like takeovers? I know it is free advertising for Disney, but still….

  5. I want a gravity falls takeover! It’s the best show, but if it WILL be a takeover than I don’t want it to be too childish:/ oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see.
    BTW I hate the idea of a frozen takeover- any takeover to be exact.. (Except a gravity falls takeover :p)

  6. My reaction to this

    I think takeovers like these that only 2% of the playerbase of Club Penguin actually wants (sorry 2%!) just proves my point that Disney is no longer about the magic, but just in it for the profit. I’m a big proponent of the 2008-2011 days, which were a combination of “old and new cp” to me. They were a lot more magical and definitely more creative. If Disney had Club Penguin from the start, you would never have seen puffles or secret agents or ninjas, it would all just be constant takeovers to advertise their products, which in turn gives them even more profit! Club Penguin used to be a creative virtual experience that was very fun, now it’s just a shameless advertising dump. There are some takeovers I’ll admit are my guilty pleasures, but generally speaking, the concept behind them is awful. I don’t usually go behind the tagline of “DISNEY RUINED CP!!”, but I think I have to with this. I may be getting older, and I understand that the new generation of little kids wants to have their own thing, but honestly… I don’t see many little kids wanting these takeovers, especially the Frozen ones that are 8 months apart… just my thoughts!

    – Red Apollo

    • Disney bought them in 2007 waaaay before any of the drama happened personally I blame spike sense all this nonsense started when he took over CP in 2013 just my opinion (btw if any little kids played CP yea they would want Frozen we’re talking about the #1 animated movie of al time of box office sales, #5 overall, has sold over 3 Million Elsa and Anna dresses in a year, Frozen on EVERYTHING from dolls to diapers, the #1 top franchise of all time even passing Star Wars and lets not forget their making Frozen 2 and not a straight-to-DVD terrible one so I think kids might like them) that’s just me we all have our opinions :)

      • A lot of kids don’t like Frozen too, I have observed an equal amount of little kids who like Frozen just as much as those who don’t. At least give us normal parties we had in May, and give the Frozen takeovers a year apart. It’s just annoying. I also imagine that the Disney executives are telling Spike what to do, but I may be wrong.

        • I personally think parents make little kids think Frozen is bad so they won’t have to empty their wallets :/ and if they put the Frozen Fever takeover a year after the Frozen party the spark will be gone and probably Frozen 2 might be out then and besides they put takeovers at the time when its popular (or at least most of them) although I’m just glad there isn’t another Marvel super hero takeover the one in 2012 wasn’t bad but the one in 2013 was TERRIBLE (but still not as bad as the future party which was worse then any takeover) and I just think they advise spike of wat takeovers to do because they tuck CP into the dark little corner of Disney I have noticed that (probably because the boss of Disney is embarrassed because he closed down all the other games to focus on CP and they let him down big time)

        • Why do you think the 2013 one was bad, personly I think there should be one this year…cuz ya’know the new avengers movie…….Also the future party was ok and it wasn’t a takeover……..

        • to pengupalchum: it was just boring that year and why is it that all the Marvel movies come out in May?

          yea the future party wasn’t a takeover but I would rather have one over the future party it was so BORING there was nothing to do except blow up stff and walk around and see that everything on CP has been destroyed (did u see any real trees or penguins of the future or puffles or bears or crabs?) there was no life on CP then and most of the island was destroyed and apparently the water was so polluted that the only living fish on Earth had to be kept in a jar with no food either and the only way CP was kept alive was with robots and the only penguins (maybe) that were left were cowards because when their home place was about to be destroyed they ran off to some other “mission” that could’ve waited until next week and they called on us to save them and risk OUR lives to do THIER job
          4 words for the future party worst. CP. party. ever!

        • The future part of the future party was just a spoof on “future media” take the Jetsons for example. People were just taking it too seriously that that’s how Disney wants the future of CP to be like, they forgot to put in puffles because you don’t see them in the rooms in the normal island.

          The island looks destroyed because of protobot 10000.
          There’s no bears on CP!
          CP doesn’t really have crabs ( excluding klutzy )
          The water looks polluted because of the colour of the sky.
          its your opinion on the future party, it’s just a mediocre party, nothing bad, not a lot good.

        • spoof or not its still the future of CP (which makes a lot of sense considering where we are now)
          1: do I need to remind u that we can walk our puffles all over the place? sot hey can go everywhere
          2: u can look at it that way but then why was the totally destroyed part not being pelted with fire rock balls?
          3: then wat do u think Herbert is? a really fat penguin?
          4: I was just trying to prove a point
          5: really? because I’ve been to beaches at night and the water never looks polluted

        • 1. I thought you meant other bears, not Polo bears ( Herbert is the only one on CP he probably left the island.
          2. My point was if CP actually lasts 2000 the game isn’t going to turn out that way, people were over reacting, it’s the future of club penguin island ( which won’t happen at any point )
          3. I’m going to stop this argument of a party that happened a year ago, let’s settle it as you don’t like it but I thought it was ok!

        • ok u don’t have to reply but I’m just going to state my opinion
          1: its polar bear not polo bear
          2: well yea but even if it won’t look that way it’ll basically be like that on the inside
          3: almost a year ago

  7. I know this is besides the point but I have a theory with mobile parties and CPNext:

    So it seems that this might be the last mobile party because it’s lasting a month on mobile, also the fair comes after it and if they can’t put fair games into mobile app then they’re screwed.

    CPNext on the other hand might seem like it will come when the CP App has all of the rooms from regular CP into it, because Spike said that CPNext will have a conection between the App and the Desktop versions, If this feature was made then they would of had all rooms in the app.

    My final verdict is about #Project: Super Secret:

    Since everyone is complaining about bugs in CP it’s because the team is working hard on their projects ( PSS & CPNext ). They are really hard at work so they might not have enough time to fix the bugs and make everything polished.

    This is just my theory which I hope becomes true.

    Please relpy with your opinions.

    • oh I thought CP next WAS the CP app and ya know they actually fix the bugs for the months party but they never fix any of the other bugs (not that I get bugs that much the only one I’ve really ever come in contact with is the friend not loading bug) and I wonder if project super secret is them COMPLETELY redoing CP like I know they redid CP already about 50-75% but maybe project super secret is them redoing EVERYTHING of CP to make it completely different then old CP (so maybe everyone will forget about old CP and the new is ew vs. old is gold war will end but the last part might just be paranoidness)

      • Spike Hike recently said #Project: Super Secret will be rolling out in another
        several months, CPNext will be coming out THIS year, CPNext is the thing changing CP, We have yet to here what PSS will be, Frozen Fever might be the LAST mobile party, some people think PSS is a social network for CP, I like pie, CPNext will be finished when all rooms are on the CP app, Adobe flash player won’t be used on CP anymore soon, CPPSs will close down without flash, CP app is currently testing CPNext technology!

        That’s a rundown of all my information regarding the future of CP

        • so CP next is CP mobile apparently (and if by “testing CP next technology” u mean their testing the 3D stuff and thinking of bring it to the web then ICK! it looks so weird) as for project super secret, if their taking THIS LONG then its something big

        • Not just 3D Penguins but also the long waited “jump to friend” feature, you can go were ever your friends are with a press of a button, they’re also letting people go into the mobile servers to chat with their buddies on the mobile app, btw IMO the 3D looks cool and it’s about time CP needed a graphic change, Project super secret is gonna be something BIG but we’re yet to hear what it will be. It does seem exiting but people might be annoyed and the “new is ew” “old is gold” riots will break out because of the new graphics, they should accept that change, not everything can stay the same.

        • I’m ok with change… as long as its good change and I personally HATE the 3D stuff because it totally makes hair look completely different and ugly and makes penguins look way fat and btw the “New VS Old” war has been going on sense 2013 both on blogs and on CP and btw even though the current CP graphics are terrible they have only been active for a little over 2 years now :/ so not that long :/

    • well welcome! :) and btw when it comes to the New vs. Old war (team new is ew vs. team old is gold) (no they could not make a better name for new in fact old is gold gave them their name they couldn’t find one) don’t just yell new is better cause u just joined look up old before u start yelling at old players for not liking new

        • yea I’m one of the biggest Frozen fans and even I didn’t like the Frozen party (Anna only said welcome, Elsa didn’t even sing, not all the charaters were used, and the only things u could do were freeze stuff, if u were a member, and unfreeze stuff and change into Olaf and Marshmallow, with a membership)

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