April 9, 2015 Penguin of the Week – Drums102

This week’s Penguin of the Week has now been posted. Congratulations to Drums102!


Here’s what Daffodaily5 had to say about Drums over on the Club Penguin Bog:

Drums102 is a charity champion who helps out her local community by donating to fundraising efforts and food drives. She loves to help everyone, which is just brill!

That’s great! As a reward for being Penguin of the Week she received 10,000 coins and the exclusive Penguin of the Week background.

If there is someone you’d like to nominate for Penguin of the Week you can do so by commenting on the Club Penguin Blog with the penguin’s username and why they should be featured.

5 thoughts on “April 9, 2015 Penguin of the Week – Drums102

  1. hey Trainman:
    Not sure if it is just me but there is currently a bug where if you try to send the Welcome to Club penguin postcard to somebody, you get kicked off of the server.

    • It’s a bug for everyone. It happened in January when the postcard was available, too. CP *still* hasn’t fixed it.

  2. Well when they get penguin of the week they keep the 10k not even adopt a single pet i mean they think they r so cool

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