April 23, 2015 Penguin of the Week – Penguin 43

This week’s Penguin of the Week has been announced! Congratulations to my friend Penguin 43!


Here’s what Daffodaily5 (yes, she appears to be around still even though the UK office has closed) had to say about him:

If you want to know why Penguin 43 is Penguin of the Week, just look back through the comments of previous POTW posts! He’s a super active member of the Club Penguin community who’s always got a quick and friendly answer for a curious penguin pal.

Fantastic work, Penguin!

As a reward for being Penguin of the Week he received 10,000 coins and the exclusive Penguin of the Week background.

If there is someone you’d like to nominate for Penguin of the Week you can do so by commenting on the Club Penguin Blog with the penguin’s username and why they should be featured.

4 thoughts on “April 23, 2015 Penguin of the Week – Penguin 43

  1. Either Daffodaily5:
    1) Has left Club Penguin and these posts are scheduled.
    2) Has left Club Penguin and someone is posting as her.
    3) Works for Club Penguin from home.
    4) Has been moved to some other Disney related office.

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