On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 5

On the 5th of March there were two updates in 2010. The most important update of the two was the clothing catalogue being updated for the month. The other update was Rockhopper visiting again.

In the March 2010 Penguin Style both spring wear and celebrity/star items for the Penguin Play Awards were added.


During the March 2010 visit from Rockhopper, his free itemĀ for all penguins was the Hidden Treasure Background. Members could buy the Admiral’s Hat for 400 coins and the Admiral’s Coat for 450 coins. They could also purchase the Barrel Chair furniture item, which cost 230 coins each.

Club Penguin March 2010 Rockhopper Pirate Catalog


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  1. Hey Trainman, take a look at this:


    I posted that almost five years ago, and if you read the date, it is May 15, 2010. I knew you were closing your site, but I didn’t know at the time you were creating a WordPress site. I posted that when I was working on a website with Fimim (my brother) and Djortiz45 (my friend). I’m not sure if you remember them, but they created a spin-off of CP Memories when you closed your Piczo site. The site they made is still sitting there:


    They left Club Penguin, in fact it was late in 2010, and now i’m the only one still playing…..just a story down memory lane, lol.

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