On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 25

On the 25th of March there were updates in 2009, 2011, and 2014.

In 2009 it was only a minor update, but one you still see today. From the first day of Club Penguin until March 25, 2009, membership badges did not exist. Penguins had no badge. It used to go like this: if a penguin wasn’t your buddy, they’d just have a yellow dot in the top left of their playercard.


If the penguin was your buddy and they were online, that smiley face would have a mouth, being “:)”. If the penguin was your buddy and they were offline, that face with two eyes and no mouth would be a shade of dark blue. It didn’t matter if the penguin was a member or not, they all had that face in the top left. Your own penguin had a star in the top left corner. With the introduction of membership badges, that all went away and members would get a new badge whenever they reached a new milestone. For penguins like me when the update was released, I instantly had the full membership badge.

Moving on, in 2011 there were several updates. The biggest one was that year’s April Fool’s Day Party beginning. Penguins could earn the Purple Propeller Hat by throwing snowballs of paint on the easel at the Dock in order to paint a picture of a treasure chest, and once that painting was done the treasure chest would become real and the item would pop out. At the 2011 April Fools Day Party members could access many special dimensions via the Box Dimension. There was a scavenger hunt that could be done by members in those dimensions to obtain the Box Costume item. Rookie waddled around during the party. This was his first appearance on the island as a mascot! There was also a new login screen advertising the new dimensions. At this party the Food Fight stamp was introduced.


Also in 2011 there were two new pins, as Club Penguin was releasing two new puffle pins every two weeks for a limited time. This time is was the White Puffle Pin, hidden at the Book Room, and the Yellow Puffle Pin, hidden at the Mine Shack. They are Club Penguin’s 154th and 155th pins. This was the ninth pin to be hidden at the Book Room and the fifth pin to be hidden at the Mine Shack.

In 2014 another task was available at the Muppets World Tour. You had to fly to Russia (the Ski Village) to meet Bunsen and Beaker. They’d give you a Beakers item if you were a member. After completing an experiment for them all players could collect the free Ushanka head item.


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  1. I’ve loved the April Fools’ Party 2011! I really can’t believe I am that old. That’s been 4 years ago. I really miss those wonderful moments (alongside other real life ones).

    I love these type of posts Trainman. It’s like a Blast to the Past. Keep up the good work! :)

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