Club Penguin PH Meetup Times For Puffle Party 2015

PH will be waddling around the island during the 2015 Puffle Party. In this post I will be listing all known meetup times for her that the Club Penguin Team gives out.

All of the meetup times listed below are PST, which is the time displayed on the clock tower at the Snow Forts. For EST add three hours. For GMT, add four hours between now and the 28th of March. After the 29th, when Europe has daylight savings, you’ll need to add five hours. North America has daylight savings several weeks before Europe so for three weeks there’s only a seven hour difference between PST and GMT, but as of the 29th it’ll go back to an eight hour difference.

There is no specific meetup room, but I’m sure the Puffle Handler will mostly be hanging out in the wilds. All the servers given are English servers unless otherwise stated. You have to meet her on the computer and not on a mobile device or tablet. The Puffle Party will be lasting two weeks so you have plenty of time to meet her.

No more meetup times left!

Thanks Loo978!

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  1. Train, will ph have a new background for this party? I hope she does as none of the mascots lately got a new background. And will u be putting up Sasquatch meeting times too?

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