On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 20

By / March 20, 2015

On the 20th of March there has been updates in 2009 and 2014. In 2009 there were new furniture and igloo catalogues and new igloo music, the Snow Sculpture Showcase kicked off, and the first ever Penguin Play Awards began. In 2014 the Muppets World Tour party began.I’ll start with the smallest updates, the igloo related ones. The theme of the new items and music that month was fine dining. The Restaurant Igloo was released, costing members 4,800 coins. The igloo has not been available since November 2009, which is when it was removed from the igloo catalogue.


Other updates on this day in 2009 were the Snow Sculpture Showcase and the first ever Penguin Play Awards. The Snow Sculpture Showcase was an event similar to the 2007 Festival of Snow, but rather than there being a party across the island, penguins could submit drawings and Club Penguin’s artists turned some of them into “real” snow sculptures that were displayed around the island. Five were added every week for three weeks, totalling fifteen different sculptures submitted by players.

Club Penguin Snow Sculpture Showcase 209

As for the Penguin Play Awards, penguins could dress up as stars and vote in different categories for the nominated Stage Plays, such as best set or best costumes. Aunt Arctic, Gary, and Cadence were online during this event.

Fast forward five years to 2014, and there were more updates on this day. The Muppets World Tour party began. Rooms on the island were decorated like different countries. For example the Town was the United Kingdom, the Cove was Brazil, and the Dock was Mexico. Each day you would have to log on, go to one of the countries, and speak to the Muppet there and perform a task. Once you completed that task they would give you a free item.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.04.01 AM

Along with the party both login and logoff screens advertising it were added to the game. The only other update in 2014 was a new pin, the Pinata Pin. It was hidden at the Coffee Shop. It is Club Penguin’s 273rd pin and was the fourteenth pin to be hidden in that room.


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