On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 13

On the 13th of March there’s been updates in 2009 and 2014. In 2009 there was a new pin, St. Patrick’s Day related updates, and construction at the Stage for the Penguin Play Awards. In 2014 there was a new furniture & igloo catalogue and new igloo music.

The new pin released in 2009 was the Lucky Coin Pin. It could be found at the Ski Hill on the pot of gold, which was a decoration for the St. Patrick’s Day Party. The Lucky Coin Pin was the second pin to be hidden at the Ski Hill and was Club Penguin’s 85th pin overall. The 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Party was Club Penguin’s fourth one. The whole island was turned green to celebrate. The free item at the party was the Shamrock Hat, an item returning from 2007. In a special room just for the party, members could collect the free Accordion item for their penguin. This was Club Penguin’s fourth and final St. Patrick’s Day Party.


Other St. Patrick’s Day themed updates in 2009 included a postcard you could send to others and also a new login screen.

The final update in 2009 was construction at the Stage for the Penguin Play Awards, an event that was soon beginning. Here is Billybob’s blog post from this day in 2009:

Hello Penguins!

Today’s the day that the green festivities begin, and there are a lot of surprises all around the island for you to discover! It’ll be up until March 17th, so try to check out all the areas… and let us know if you manage to find the end of the rainbow!


In other news: There’s some construction starting at the Stage today in preparation for the Penguin Play Awards show that’s coming next Friday. Let us know how you’re going to get involved!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on March 13 2009 10:05

In 2014 a new furniture & igloo catalogue was released and along with that came new igloo music. There was a new CP Airliner Igloo, costing 1,200 coins. The new furniture was airline and performance themed. The new igloo tracks were Mariachi Medley, English Anthem, Festive India, French Avenue, Kalinka, Bretzel Bash, and Samba Sensation.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.59.08 PM


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7 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 13

  1. Like I said a few posts ago – I had a lot of memories on March 13, 2009. I remember it was Friday the 13th and my brother and I were so excited for the St. Patrick’s Day Party. We both woke up at 6:30 a.m. before we left for school and he was using his penguin waddling around the decorated rooms while I was watching next to him. He went into the Coffee Shop, and I was like “Oooo, look!” and we both saw the Shamrock Hat that we didn’t have (since it wasn’t available since March 2007) and we got really happy, lol. Later, he went to the Plaza. We saw a guy doing the special accordion dance on top of the ladder leaning up against the Stage because of the Penguin Play Awards construction. We were wondering where he got it, but when we tried to ask, he left the room. :P We eventually found it in the Leprechaun House, because when going through the parties we would always go left to right of the island.

    All day throughout school, I kept thinking of the party and I wanted to go on Club Penguin really bad. For some reason, during the school day I forgot how most of the rooms were decorated, maybe because of my school work. The only thing I really remembered was the free item and the imprints of shamrocks in the snow. So, I basically really wanted to see it again. When I got home, I threw my backpack on a chair and ran upstairs. But my brother was on the laptop, of course. :P I remember he was in the Coffee Shop. So anyways, I had to go on the computer in my parent’s room, the big and slow computer, to see the party again. I really didn’t mind, I just wanted to go on and see the party. My friend Dj was also on, and I remember he liked to hang out at the Iceberg because it was technically decorated, with the rainbow and music. Random thing, too: I think a few days after the party started Billybob posted on the blog saying that some of the rooms were not showing up, just a white screen, and he said they were working on it to fix it.

    I also remember later in the week I showed my dad the party. He wasn’t really interested but I showed him anyway. He said, “Green snow?” and I said yes, lol. I also remember I went into the Beach by accident and I said, “Oops, this room isn’t decorated.” And he said what about the green buoy (next to the Lighthouse). I said that was always there, lol.

    AND I’m just saying now, almost nobody would have this same thrill. This party was pretty simply put together – about 10 rooms decorated, 1 party room, and 2 free items. Nowadays, people would probably be like, “There isn’t anything to do. You just get your two free items and log off. That’s it.” That is true, but it’s just because that’s how we are used to Club Penguin now. Back then, there were no quests. There were no interfaces (besides the occasional scavenger hunt). There were no character greetings when you logged on to a server to explain something – because nothing needed to be explained back then. There were no meetable characters at every party, maybe perhaps 3-4 times a year, but not every party. There wasn’t about 10 items at every party that you had to do stupid things to earn it. There wasn’t 5 or more party rooms at each party. There wasn’t advertising parties – just very creative Club Penguin original ideas. You just had FUN on Club Penguin. No nonsense things to earn your free items or anything else I said. If a party like this came out tomorrow or something, people would say one thing – it’s boring. There’s nothing to do, wa wa wa. Well, really, because I remember playing Club Penguin during the St. Patrick’s Day Party 2009 and thought it was the best party ever. I stayed on Club Penguin for hours on end. I would have been on all day if I could.

    Today, people are spoiled, basically.

      • I can’t believe I remembered that correctly. It seems like a remember just little unimportant small things like that.

        • I had the same feeling for parties for manny years also waking up early just to see the party before going to school, and even trying to log on at cp during school :D but now with the new parties its just meh okay and yes the old cp didnt have the quests and stuff we have now but back then the parties and items made sense, also it was allot of fun when Rockhopper came to the island every 3-4months it was always someting to look forward to, now its like okay its Rockhopper okay “logs off” :/ also rookie and april fools was ALLOT of fun those parties had good graphics and not the extreme 3D detailed graphics we have now on the few decorated rooms on a party…. also yes back then we had 1-2 free items a party but i did’t mind that i mean the parties where Perfect, i mean RH was on the island and i spended 12 HOURS camping at the dock at server Mammoth Just to meet him, i loved that game, now okey mobile is cool but they should keep the old Cp ways and combine it with the new Tech.

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