Here’s What Club Penguin’s New Ski Lodge Design Is Going To Look Like

Up until now we’ve only had a small glimpse of the Ski Lodge’s new design thanks to Polo Field, however today Club Penguin posted a sketch of the full room on their Facebook page. This is what the full attic will look like:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 7.26.48 PM

Well, it definitely doesn’t look like a ski lodge anymore! And where’s Ice Fishing? Apparently it’s the attic even though they said Ski Lodge in the post.

What are your initial thoughts on the room’s new look?

15 thoughts on “Here’s What Club Penguin’s New Ski Lodge Design Is Going To Look Like

    • In CP’s Facebook post comments – Club Penguin: “don’t worry, our beloved rocking horse is still there. :) ^Polo Field”

  1. For me it is weird at the level of the stairs, where there is the barrier. But his will can be change. Because in all the preview .I’ve always noticed that there was some change from the preview. But after all, I too too excited! I can no longer wait. But I’m kinda agree with the rocking horse, he could keep it but a bit to improve…

  2. I don’t like it. :/ I usually like a lot of the room designs, except for the Cove and Book Room, but I don’t like this one either. To me the attic should be a place that looks a little run down, but still nice and cozy. This just doesn’t fir the picture to me. :/

    Also, where is there a tree going in the corner of the room? Really?

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