Club Penguin’s Renovated Ski Lodge Sneak Peek

In this week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times, PH announced her plans on giving the Ski Lodge a new look. Although Polo Field does not use Twitter much anymore just like the rest of the Club Penguin Team, he does pop on from time to time to tweet a thing or two. Today he tweeted a sneak peek of the Ski Lodge’s new design.┬áHere’s Polo Field’s tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.57.00 PM

The image itself:


What are your initial thoughts based on the concept artwork?

31 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Renovated Ski Lodge Sneak Peek

  1. Well, honestly, I was hoping it would look the same just with the new art style, but I think it’ll be that bad! :3

  2. There should be a setting where you can visit the new rooms or the older rooms from the past. That is not counting party rooms though, just before they are renovated.

  3. Hey Trainman sir,

    There seems to be a text bug in the Club Penguin Times, where they tell us when the next pin is to be hidden. The next pin is supposed to be hidden around March 19, 2015. Instead it says March 5.

        • The stamps are so fun, attractive to players to realize especific tasks in the game, incentive to explore the whole island, but now they forget this.

        • Stamps have not yet been implemented, and may never be implemented on the Club Penguin App. Therefore, no more stamps are being added.

        • It’s very likely that they’re focusing on other things…which doesn’t make much sense to me.

          It seems like they’re working on…

          *Mobile apps
          *Party quality

          As for mobile apps, we’ve got enough apps for now and barely anybody uses them since currenly, most apps are available in iOS than Android.

          For CPNext, I guess it must take them A lot of time since Spike Hike announced that the entire started working on that project since November 2013. 1 year and a half….

          For party quality, it’s completely worthless. For once, I do NOT agree with the “quality is better than quantity”. CP over uses their time to heavily decorate rooms which doesn’t even look like that in the game (unless if they add construction a week prior to the party, that’d be more realistic), and making their work “perfect”. I’ve noticed in the past parties, CP started decorating their rooms without black outlines, but colors related to that thing as their outline.

          And finally, for #projectsupersecret I don’t know what is this fuss about. I highly hope it’s COMPLETELY worth it…Usually, Spike Hike describes things as awesome or epic when in the end, it turns out to be awful (*cough* Music Jam 2014 *cough*). I am completely excited to hear what the #projectsupersecret is about…

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