Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 Items Sneak Peek

The 2015 Puffle Party begins next week, and there will be a handful of items available. Thanks to a tip from Saraapril, I’ve gotten pictures of what the items look like.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 3.54.23 PM

There’s the Green Raccoon Puffle Hat and Hoodie, Red Deer Puffle Hat and Hoodie, Pink Bunny Puffle Hat and Hoodie, and the Yellow Unicorn Puffle (Glitterpants) Hat and Hoodie. There’s also the Puffle Guide Hat and Outfit.

I do not know if these are the only free items at the party, or if there will be any more. I don’t know if any of these items are for nonmembers either. We’ll know for sure on the 26th of March when the 2015 Puffle Party is released.

Thanks again Saraapril!

17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 Items Sneak Peek

  1. Where is the creativity? Last year we also had puffle hoodies :p i seriously hope those items aren’t the only items at the party, anyway the party looks fun but time will tell if its really fun or not. Ht it seems they worked and spended allot of time on this party thought

  2. Is it me but doesn’t the Ski Lodge now look a lot like the Mystery Shack from Gravity Falls and there is a windows in the attic that closely resembles the one in the Shack?

  3. according to my experience all head items are nonmembers body item is members. Last one is bumper prize like always and it means there will be quest.If you agree trainman then please replay

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