Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 Expedition Sneak Peek Video – Fish Cake Fiasco

As promised, the sneak peek video the Club Penguin Team mentioned earlier in the week is now available to watch. In the video you’ll see that someone has stolen the fish cake, and behind it there is a door to the wilds, which many of you have told me about since Wednesday. Based on what’s shown the party/expedition looks quite promising, so let’s all hope it really is good. It also looks like you’ll be able to adopt puffles that are currently only available in the Puffle Wild iOS app.

What are your thoughts on the sneak peek video?

45 thoughts on “Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 Expedition Sneak Peek Video – Fish Cake Fiasco

  1. The Sneak Peek video is the best since the Halloween 2012 one where Businessmosse and Polo Field did their own perspective videos, why? Because that sneak peek video had a storyline, it was great!

    I LOVE Megg’s sound effects in this video, made the video for me.

    I’m concerned the Puffle Wild app will becoming discontinued now though, I mean there’s no point of it now that the exclusive element – the Puffles – are no longer exclusive.

    • I highly doubt it. I am sure CP is working on making more levels and puffles onto the app. I believe only some of the puffle creatures from Puffle Wild will be adoptable. Apparently, not all of them.

  2. Why the heck we have app when they release exclusive puffles now? All work on this app is now over.

    BTW.: Previous month was SoundStudio app takeover and this month is Puffle Wild takeover. Will be next month Sled Racer takeover? You know Sled Racer update coming soon!

  3. I think Sasquatch will be at the party. You know it already, but if you look at the CP page site, so are Sasquatch in the cave. I hope it’s right, what I say; I have not met Sasquatch yet :(

  4. Why have they now made the deer puffles available online as well? I thought they were only supposed to be available in Puffle Wild ಠ_ಠ

  5. Party seems better than last months Sound Studio party! And it also seems like not only the wilderness will be part of the party! If you stopped and read the newspaper (im sure everyone did) it says
    “Explore the ISLAND (not wilderness) and enjoy Puffle Party favorites like the obstacle course at the Rink and the Zoo at the Dock!”
    Seems like they’re using rooms from the last puffle party! Now for those complaining – atleast we get older decorations!

    Now, about the puffles… hopefully there will be an exclusive for those who already have (and who do not already have) the Puffle Wild puffles. Maybe new unicorns? Time will tell!

  6. I Need To Buy A Membership For This Party! :( I Guess I’ll Have To Wait And Begg For My Dad To Buy Me Month Membership :( But the party looks really cool and i think that the puffle wild is going to be staying thats why the Fish Cake is covring the hole :O I’ve figured it out! Now online players can adopt pets aswell! :D well only members

  7. Hey Trainman, Megg replied to my comment which revealed some of the rooms in the wilds will be permanent.
    BTW read your posts for quite a while now. I love them so much I actually used your site in my school work when we needed To research website features.

  8. Megg has just said in the blog comments some rooms will be staying after the party and polo has said new puffles will be coming this year, ‘a myth puffle’ i guess he meant a grey puffle?

  9. “News flash: Try out the obstacle course and visit the zoo at the Dock!”

    Woo, recycled rooms!

    In all honesty, I liked it more when each puffle had their separate room. Guess it’s impossible to get the Puffle Party stamp now.

    Guess you’re right about dead stamps.

  10. PLOT TWIST: Herbert stole the cake and cp gets token over and everyone has to be turned to the colour lime green. the end

  11. Looks good, but they made it look confusing and complicated in this trailer. But i guess thats how i like it xD And maybe, after the party they should replace the broken wall with a door so we can explore the wild whenever we want? But i guess that would be too many rooms xD

  12. Dont u think the party will be bad cuz if u count the party rooms, theyre just 4 and ussually cp decorates only few rooms for the party…

  13. So then it looks like this party will be like the halloween party 2014 which I and many others enjoyed ( I think ) So it’ll be like having the puffle wild quests on mobile but on computer it gets decorated rooms and the quests sounds like fun.

  14. I like the idea of the Puffle Wilderness being permanently open after the party. I hope it gets decorated and it doesn’t remain unotuched just like other rooms such as the Puffle Park and the Skatepark.

    Also, I wonder. Most party rooms were accessible at the Ski Village, right in the same spot where the Tour Guide Booth was. With the Puffle Wild open, what’d happen to the other rooms such as The Tallest Mountain and Operation: Puffle Wilderness? Would the entrance to several other “expeditions” take place at the start of the Puffle Wild room now? Hmm…

    • In the Puffle Wild app, yes and no: they’re free for members unless you spend real money on them via in-app purchases. As for regular Club Penguin beginning next month, not sure. We’ll find out then.

  15. Looks good once again i wish non members could have atleast 5 puffles i mean like come on i am not saying that much i dont think for have 5 puffles that are red or blue everyone will not want have a membership,thinking about the parties this is can actually what to don’t have a membership anymore not just 3 more puffles ;P

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