Club Penguin Is Having a Frozen Fever Event Next Month

In his Ask Polo post last week, Polo Field mentioned something about a fever. It turns out he was referencing Frozen Fever, the new animated short from Disney. Here is his comment:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.54.03 PM

While not referencing Frozen itself, some code has been found in Club Penguin’s mobile files referencing a Frozen Fever catalogue.


Frozen Fever can be seen by going to the movie theater to watch the new Cinderella movie, which has been in theaters as of March 13th. Here’s the trailer:

I do not know if the Frozen Fever event will be a mini party or a full blown party/takeover for April. We’ll know in a few week’s time.

Thanks Petros901!

75 thoughts on “Club Penguin Is Having a Frozen Fever Event Next Month

  1. ugh really agian? we don’t want frozen :l ok the first frozen party was alright but still, CP should have original parties, also this Puffle party is GOOD party but yet the island decorated rooms are empty because the focus is on “The Wilds” so they should have added like the good old “transform into puffles feature” cuz that was ALLOT of fun! :)

  2. As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted with how much they use Frozen. From the snow, to the games, does Club Penguin not have any value or respect for originality? Its a laughing stock, it’s cheesy, it’s disgusting, I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious.

  3. Ok 2 things. :/

    1. Did anyone even like the FIRST Frozen party in the first place? I don’t know anyone who actually did.
    2. Did people seriously ask for this? I doubt it since the short hasn’t even been out for a month. I’m starting to believe Club Penguin is getting paid to make events like these, mini-party or not.

      • No what I meant is, I’m thinking Disney, if not the animators of the short, is paying Club Penguin to endorse things like this. Odds are I’m wrong, but it is suspicious.

        • I get what you mean, but Disney has some control over the Club Penguin team, to the point where, if you think about it, this party will earn money for CP AND Disney!

          Those few young kids who haven’t heard of this short (I hadn’t) and are Frozen fans will be like “Mummy, I want to see that!”, maybe even multiple times, because they saw it on CP.
          Also, CP will get money from memberships when young kids, who are obsessed with Frozen and, chances are, watch the Disney Channel or go on the Disney website and see the Frozen Takeover advertised! They’ll be like “Mummy, I need a Club Penguin membership so I can buy an Elsa outfit/Anna hair etc.” And if they have millions of 5 year olds doing that, BOOM, millions are pounds are made!

          Believe it or not, they can make a lot of money from this! I guess that makes me feel a bit more annoyed, knowing they’re making money from innocent kids who like some (pretty average) Disney film! But I guess that’s capitalism for you! xD

          How To Train Your Dragon Takeover or Kingdom Hearts Takeover, now THAT would be exciting! ;)

        • Frosty how on Earth can u NOT have heard of this short yet? the commercial plays the time, everyone has reported about it, the song is on You tube (with the trailer) and whenever u hear anything about the new Cinderella movie u hear about Frozen Fever too not to sound rude here but yea.
          2: I think it would be the other way around if any little kids played CP (which they probably don’t)
          3: they are never ever EVER going to do a How to Train Your Dragon takeover because its not Disney I think its Universal

        • @zoom zoom 103. Ironically, I’ve seen many little kids with their tablets, cellphones with apps whom target mainly at grown-up kids/teenagers such as Minecraft, killing games, etc. Heck, I played with Paint and that Pinball Space Minigame when I was 5/6 on my computer.

          It seems like CP doesn’t appear to anybody in some areas of Mexico. More kids are interested more in Minecraft, Call of Duty, Happy Wheels, Halo, Five Nights At Freddy’s, Slenderman, and GTA V than CP (in my perspective).

          @Frosty793 I have to agree with you. Sponsored parties/takeovers may, indeed, bring more players in the game. Back then in January 2015, my little brother saw the Star Wars Rebels Takeover commercial and he liked it, since he likes Star Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

        • Moreover, it turns out that Minecraft won the title as The Most Addicting Game at the Kid Choice Awards 2015. I don’t know anything about the nominees, but I assume CP didn’t even get nominated.

    • 1: I didn’t I am a big Frozen fan (they didn’t even get the ice palace correct or use the charaters for anything really)
      2: hey less than a month and Cinderella (which plays Frozen Fever) is already the worlds #1 movie right now (and part of that money is just from ppl wanting to see the Frozen Fever short)
      3: yea they do because that is how advertisements work- one person shows an ad for like Coke and then Coke pays that person for showing their product on his/her website

  4. I thought for once, they where listening with the survey and animating the fire in the lodge, but NO! Another stupid frozen takeover? I bet next there will be Disney puffles and expensive membership puffles!

  5. OH CMON! Frankly, I am completely disgusted the way they’re thinking. It’s completely ridiculous the idea of how they’re advertising a film which lasts 7 minutes! Is it completely worth celebrating something based off something like that?

    I’d be happier if they at least brought back the Marvel Super Hero Takeover in April to celebrate The Avengers 2 movie. Something MORE people like.

    Seriously, we could have another Medieval Party, Prehistoric Party, Future Party, Card-Jitsu Party, EPF Mission or even a new party idea such as an Ancient Pengyptian Party, but instead, we get this?

    Seriously, the last time we had a Frozen-related party was in August 2014. The last time we had a party related with the EPF was in November 2013 and the last time we had a party related with Ninjas and Card-Jitsu was in May 2013. WHEN WILL WE HAVE REAL ACTION?

    And I thought they were listening to us :/. Either they’re listening to people under the age of 13 for random poo such as, idk, a Disney Princesses Medieval Party, or a Big Hero 6 Takeover who don’t even know what they’re talking rather listening to people above the age of 13 listing valid points about how the game could improve, or they’re doing it because Spike Hike (or a higher autority) forced them to do it, or they’re doing it because they ran out of ideas.

    I may sound biased in the previous paragraph, but generally people under the age of 13 are still immature enough to think properly and instead, they want the best for them only. I can verify that statement with many underage people on Twitter giving ridiculous ideas to CP such as another Teen Beach Movie: Summer Jam in honor of the sequel for Teen Beach Movie releasing this Summer, a Big Hero 6 Takeover, bring back The Spoiler Alert, without giving any proper valid reason of why they want it and how it’d benefit the community and the game. Most users replied it because they love(d) it, find it entertaining, etc. That actually happened to me like 1-2 weeks ago when Polo Field tweeted about bringing back TSA. While there were many “yays”, the “nays” were completely declined by several people such as Riyita when somebody told him to shut up. Yet, after giving many valid points, reasons, and analyzing possible consequences of those ideas, it seemed like Polo Field blocked me from Twitter perhaps for being offensive but the real thing was that I was only “maturely arguing”. It seems as if the CP Team only wants to hear positive feedback and while most of the feedback lately is negative, the team only listens to the positive ones. (Which it’s a factor why I started working on the discussion I mentioned on your most recent discussion about “I’m Getting Fed Up, CP is Going Downhill, etc”) (I forgot the title of the blog post).

    I went kinda off-topic in the previous paragraph but the point is that CP should analyze cautiously the possible consequences their projects, parties, and other ideas might impact on the game, on the team, and on the community. The community should also realise the same but sadly, many are biased.

    • Give me a break, really…
      Frozen still makes them money.
      A lot of it.
      Of course they will use it if they can.

      Of course they are listening to kids under 13. Those kids will stay longer and pay them more money.

      The parties you seem to be bashing are girl-centered parties… there are many GIRLS here too who deserve to be listened to as well as the boys are.
      Avengers, Marvel, Star Wars… BOY-centered fighting parties.
      EPF, Ninjas, – even just looking in the clothes catalogs you see you have to dress like a boy to do most actions.
      But the girls have to suck it up with maybe ONE room decorated for them, while the boys come in and fight because they can’t stand to let us have a peaceful room…
      Call THAT fair?

      • No. I call it unfair either whenever they throw a takeover/sponsored party time to time. In that case, CP should abolish sponsored parties/takeovers once and for all. Either way, WHO said that those products are entirely for boys only? Generally, boys like those type of parties due to action, but trust me, there are also girls who hate Frozen, Disney Princesses, and love stuff such as Star Wars and Marvel. Plus, Big Hero 6 is equal to all genders apparently, even though it was slightly based off a Marvel Comic.

        I only mentioned that I’d be HAPPIER if they had a MSHT in April.

        • advertisement parties for boys- 6 (Marvel, Marvel 2013, Monsters University, Star Wars,Star Wars Rebels, Penguin cup) yes I’m counting penguin cup its basically a ad for the Fifa World Cup only they don’t say it

          advertisement parties for girls-3 (Teen Beach Movie, Music Jam 2014, Frozen, Frozen Fever)

          (no I don’t count some ads cause their for both boys and girls equally or their not really takeovers)

          do u call that fair? and even all the takeovers I listed for girls aren’t even real takeovers like the boy ones (Teen Beach wasn’t really about Teen Beach thank goodness because it is ANNYOING, Music Jam was mostly about some not really famous ppl on a boat, Frozen was mostly about freezing and un freezing things the only thing Anna did was say “welcome” and Elsa didn’t even sing and not even all the charaters were included) but with the boy takeovers everything was centered on the thing they were advertising not just a name there should be something to even the score a little bit :/ (btw Big Hero 6 is more of a boy movie)

      • I’d like to complement my comment

        It’s VERY unfair when CP makes takeovers/sponsored parties. There is a huge inequality between players. Some may please the party, while other won’t. I’ve been trying to bring that in mind several times, and sadly, I see many other people calling me an unfair dude and ironically, several of those people want another Teen Beach Movie: Summer Jam, another Frozen Party, a Big Hero 6 Takeover, and idk what else.

        CP didn’t entirely destroy CP. The community did it. I may sound biased, but thanks to many spoiled people thinking of themselves only, with the main intention to force CP to do something they may please, it WON’T please entirely to the community. Surely abolishing takeovers/sponsored parties may disappoint several players, losing the hope of another TBM Summer Jam, Big Hero 6 Takeover, or whatever, but AT LEAST there will be an equality between players.

        Sadly, FEW people tend to realize that :/

        #NoTakeovers (hey, we should make this hashtag a popular trend on Twitter and hopefully CP and the community will finally understand and they’d get rid of takeovers/sponsored parties. Whaddya think fellas?)

        • I’d like to add some few other hashtags I thought of:

          #NoTakeovers #OffTheTakeovers #EqualityToAll #WorldFreeAds #StopTheTakeovers #TiredOfSponsors #NoUnpleasantParties

          Suggestions are open.

        • I didn’t know you were Saraapril in desquise :P

          But seriously I don’t mind takeovers ( except when they do something stupid like frozen! ) I mean the MSHT was pretty epic! I enjoyed the make your mark ultimate jam as it didn’t feel like a takeover with the exception of Rocky and CeCe, Temple of fruit was an alright decision, The second MSHT was better,Monsters University was probably not the best choice, the Star Wars party was fun, TBM SJ also didn’t feel like a takeover ( it was probably one of the best summer parties ), Muppets world tour? Meh! Don’t even get me started with the Frozen party! Star Wars rebels was promising.

          So there are good things and bad things about takeovers, I don’t think Disney uses CP as a platform to advertise other franchises.
          ( I was kidding about the Saraapril bit :P )

        • ppl wanting takeovers is just new players cause they don’t know wat a world of CP WITHOUT takeovers is and btw the players who destroy CP even more are just preps cause they spread their negative energy to everyone else and its also all the pookie stuff :/ but CP won’t do anything about it even though they have the power so the blame can still go to them

        • Same, I have a friend (who’s a girl, but the term “girl friend” would imply we were going out lol) and she LOVES the Spiderman movies WAY more than Frozen! xD

    • 1: they don’t care about us they only want money and lots of it (spike hike the most)
      2: Frozen has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more fans than Avengers
      3: Future Party was absolutely the WORST party in CP history even takeovers are better than that
      4: its not just people under 13 that are immature I’ve seen a lot of people who far more immature who are over 13
      5: their desperate for money and new players because old players are quitting faster than ice melts left out in the sun on the hottest day of the year (even Monchocho quit and shut down his website) so of course their gonna throw a Frozen Fever party because Disney will pay them a lot of money for advertising it and their hoping many new players will join because its Frozen duh
      6: Disney Princess would obviously be a takeover not a Medieval Party

  6. All the people asking for takeovers (like this one) and return of the spoiler alert are kids under 10 years that can’t think cleary and pookies, I just hope the questionary that Club Penguin made yesterday for teens (13 years at least) make a real change

  7. It’s probably a miny party, there is ALOT of people who LOVE Frozen ( excluding me and everyone else on this blog :P ) So I guess every once in a while they have to do something for them frozen fans!

    Yet the newspaper says the next clothing catolog is “His and her’s hip hop clothing” what does that have to anything to do with frozen fever ( or frozen in that matter ).

    So I guess we’ll wait and see….

  8. I think If Club Penguin want to advertise something, they shouldn’t do a full blown party on it. Mini takeovers seem better. They could even have an original full blown party with some ‘Special guests’ (from a Disney thing) based in one room (Like the Music Jam 2014 but much, much, much (recurring) better.)
    I feel like this would be a good opportunity to use the Stage for something so it’s not ‘underused’. For example, “Meet the special guest visitors (Disney related) at the stage”. We could even get signed backgrounds from them there. (Such as, an original EPF party with some special Marvel Superhero guests at the stage or something like that)

    • That’s a neat idea to be honest. It meets the expectations of both Disney (in advertising) and the players (in having an original party). A good example of such has to be the Teen Beach Movie of 2013. That was a totally original party with only 2 ad rooms and 2 ad characters. (Rooms are the big momma and its backstage, characters are Mack and Brady)

      Now for April lets forgive them as they planned it before deciding to listen us. Same with May, as they usually finish planning 2 months ahead of the current one. So they’re now planning June’s. Hope it’ll be a perfect start for the summer.

  9. did someone seriously suggested it again? -.- Another ad party… It really is advertising Cinderella and Frozen short. I’m not a big fan of takeovers, I would never suggest a party like this

  10. I really loved how you Trinman FINALLY admitted that takeovers ARE advertising parties in ur cp is falling, and I’m getting fed up post. Amen!

    Oh, and doubting spike was cool too. That fat lier!

  11. This party is like the Samsung Galaxy S6 instead of being Original, it’s a copy of Apple. Same goes to CP and it’s “TAKEOVERS”. I am NOT going to attend, just check the items and that’s it….. I feel like Spikehike thinks he is so cool, when HE IS NOT. Lane please return. I can’t take it anymore.

  12. ok I am one of the biggest Frozen fans on the planet but the first Frozen on CP event was TERRIBLE I just hope they ruin Frozen Fever for me :( but it would make sense if the Frozen Fever event was a mini event and they had a Cinderella takeover (live action version) in the same month because Frozen Fever is a short and it does play right before Cinderella

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