Club Penguin App Updated To Version 1.6.4

Last week a new version of Club Penguin’s Android app was released and today that same update, version 1.6.4, is now available for iOS.┬áIn addition to finally removing the Star Wars Rebels icon from January there is also a handful of bug fixes, and this time they actually gave a few specifics. Yet another bug, the app update mentions the SoundStudio Party that already finished.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.31.28 AM

  • Fixed a bug with the end screens for all mini-games
  • Fixed a broken link on the Membership screen.
  • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Players are advised to update to this version to continue enjoying all parties and upcoming content.

The Club Penguin app is a free download from both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play store.

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin App Updated To Version 1.6.4

      • Idk but in my tablet (it’s an android one) the mini-games didn’t work only Ice Fishing and Puffle Rescue worked…

      • The buttons didn’t appear, so I’d have to touch around trying to get the exit button, and then try to get to the confirmation one. It wasn’t the big thing, but sometimes it was hard and I had to close the app and open it again, just because I couldn’t exit the mini-game. And also, sometimes the screen that appears after you run out of sushis on Sushi Drop would be bigger than it should be and you couldn’t close it because the OK button was out of the screen.

  1. I have something really important to say about the app. I was just on it minding my own business, I opened my map and the Ski Village appeared as a room! But if you try to access it a bug will show up giving you a false ban message. You should really check that out!

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