Chattabox Chats: Build the Ultimate Puffle Wild Iggy

A video featuring Chattabox has been uploaded to Disney Channel Australia & New Zealand’s YouTube Channel. It’s all about building the best Puffle Wild igloo. I’m kind of surprised Club Penguin didn’t upload it to their own YouTube Channel, but it’s not that big of a deal. Here is her video:

Join me Chattabox, the official Aussie and Kiwi Club Penguin ambassador, for my first ever ‘Chattabox Chats’ hints and tips show. In this episode I give you the best tips and tricks to help you build an awesome Puffle Wild Igloo and I also head in to the wild to check out some of the new Puffles.Until next time, Chattabox out!

Thanks to Pen50gi for letting me know about this.

4 thoughts on “Chattabox Chats: Build the Ultimate Puffle Wild Iggy

  1. Hi trainman, a few days ago you tweeted about a Notification board instead of the CP times so CP can put more work on other stuff now i came up with this idea to support it to.

    What IF Herbert attacked the CP times and everything got destroyed? then Aunt Arctic has to Rebuild the CP times BUT that takes time… and while this room is getting rebuild with everyweek another small room update, in the meanwhile AA can launch this Notification board like the one you mentioned AND THIS IS A WAY OF CP to TEST if this idea can work and is faster or not! :) + we have another small Herbert attack mission epf ;)

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