On This Day In Club Penguin History – February 13

On the 13th of February Club Penguin has had updates in 2009 and 2014.There were five updates in 2009. For starters, to prepare for the Puffle Party a week in advance, some boxes were placed around the island.¬†Another update was the Box O’ Puffle O’s Pin being hidden at the Mine. At the time the pin was called the Box O’ Puffle O’s but now it’s simply called the Puffle O’s Pin.¬†It is Club Penguin’s 83rd pin and was the second pin to be hidden in the Mine.

Another update was Puffles now interacted with their furniture – they now slept in beds, drank from their water bowls, etc. Not only that, but since the whole month was dedicated to Puffles, the Puffle Furniture catalogue was also updated. In fact, the only non Puffle related update on this day in 2009 was Team Red Vs. Team Blue being released at the Stage.


Besides 2009, 2014 also had a lot of in-game updates, although unlike 2009 none of them were puffle related. Instead, a lot of the updates had to do with that month’s party, the Fair. The biggest update in 2014 was the Furniture & Igloo Catalogue being updated. The new igloo was the Main Event Igloo, and along with that the Shipwreck Igloo returned. The theme of all the new furniture items was the Fair. Some of the new items included game booths for different fair games, the Ticket Hut, and Blue Coaster Cart. Along with the new furniture and igloo updates Club Penguin updated their igloo music, too. The newly added tracks were Into Orbit, Martian Landing, Desert Roads, Bull’s Eye, Marooned Lagoon, Carnival Fun, and The Viking Opera.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.07.10 AM

Another fair related update took place at the Dance Lounge. The red arcade machine was going to make an appearance at the Fair so it was temporarily removed from the room. In its place was a slice of pizza and a coin for the arcade machines.

The final update in 2014 was the stage play Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal making a reappearance. This was its ninth showing.


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