February 2, 2015 Club Penguin Mod Meetup

Megg is hosting this week’s Mod Meetup on the server Hockey at the Town at 2:00 PM PST! (5:00 PM EST and 10:00 PM GMT) A computer is required for this meetup, meaning you cannot attending from a mobile device.┬áHere’s the full image for this week’s meetup. As you can see it’s all new!


Story behind their Penguin Name: Named after Megara from my favorite Disney movie, Hercules
Favourite food: Peanut butter
Random fact: I like the server Hockey, because I was named after a Hockey player

4 thoughts on “February 2, 2015 Club Penguin Mod Meetup

  1. Meg should know peanut butter has an average of 30 INSECT FRAGMENTS per 100 grams.

    Im sorry if I ruined anyones breakfast/lunch/dinner with this fact.

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