February 19, 2015 Penguin of the Week: Ichanchibi

This week’s Penguin of the Week has been posted! This time the featured penguin is Ichanchibi.

Here’s why this fellow was chosen:

If you’re feeling the groove and you’re in the mood to start a band, Ichanchibi is your guy! He’s a music fan who spends a lot of time on stage at the Lighthouse. He’s happy to jam with anyone, and he’s got sweet style!


I like his igloo!

As a reward for being Penguin of the Week Ichanchibi received 10,000 coins and the exclusive Penguin of the Week background. If there’s someone you’d like to nominate for Penguin of the Week you can do so by commenting on the Club Penguin Blog with their username and why they should be picked.

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