Club Penguin SoundStudio Party 2015 Information and Music

The first ever SoundStudio Party will begin on the 19th of February. If you’re wondering what to expect at the party, I have some sneak peeks of what rooms will likely be decorated, what’s going to happen at the party, and more!

There will be different genres at the party, such as Pop and Dubstep. Here are some of the dialogues from the party:

  • The SoundStudio Party has hit the island! This is your shot at STARDOM! Just head to Snowball Records in the Snow Forts and you can record a song!
  • Hey superstars! Now you can check out the SoundStudio app from the Map. Mix tracks on the go and discover EPIC new talent with CP Radio!

Members can:

  • Earn exclusive items like the Six-String Axe or the Dubstep DJ Outfit
  • Play for Cadence at the talent show
  • Earn the title of music master and get the SoundStudio Hoodie
  • After playing all four songs, members can try out for the talent show. They’ll perform for me and special guest judges to prove they’re music masters!

Here’s a list of the rooms that will likely be decorated.

  • There will be at least four exclusive party rooms, possibly eight, plus:
  • Town
  • Coffee Shop
  • Dock
  • Snow Forts
  • Ice Rink
  • Plaza
  • Forest
  • Pizza Parlour
  • Dance Club
  • Beach

Of the special party rooms, here are the themes of the first four:

  • First one: Pop (or dance, not sure)
  • Second one: Dance (or pop, not sure)
  • Third one: Dubstep
  • Fourth one: Rock

Finally, here’s all the music at the party. It’s a lot! Some tunes sound similar but they are not duplicates. Based on the tracks it seems that the Town, Snow Forts, and Stadium will be the most decorated parts on the island besides the special party rooms.

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin SoundStudio Party 2015 Information and Music

  1. They should decorate more rooms, like Ski Village. They could make smaller versions of the party on mobile and “complete” versions on desktop.

    • Me neither. I bet everyone will take turns that are about 20 seconds long. My tracks start quite slow, probably some drums here and there, then they get really intense, With 20 seconds all you’d here is drums from me.

  2. Lets at least be happy that the Ice Rink might be getting decorated becuase that never really happens. If I remember correct the last time it was decorated was in the Holiday Party 2011. This party doesn’t sound so bad now, actually I think it might be quite good :D

    • Actually, the last party it was decorated was the Halloween Party 2014, not the Holiday Party 2011. Anyways, just think of other rooms that it has been a LONG time since it has been decorated.

      I am excluding the times where the rooms don’t have major decorations and instead it only changes setting by the window and door. The Dance Club hasn’t been decorated sine NOVEMBER 2013. The Dance Lounge hasn’t been decorated sine FEBRUARY 2014. The Pet Shop haven’t been decorated since MARCH 2013. The Book Room (CP Times Office) haven’t been decorated since JUNE 2012. The Clothes Shop haven’t been decorates since APRIL 2014. The Dojo haven’t been decorated since MAY 2013. The Pizza Parlor haven’t been decorated since SEPTEMBER 2014. The Underground Rooms haven’t been decorated for a LONG time, ever since NOVEMBER 2013 (excluding the Underground Cave which was last decorated in OCTOBER 2014, the only time that room was decorated in 2014).

      As you can see, there are several other rooms that have been forgotten by CP and CP hasn’t even bothered to decorate them at least each 3 months.

      • Book Shop wasn’t decorated for this party. It changed its own look. They decided to change it during the Marvel Commercial Disney Party, because its topic is very similar to Book Shop’s topic.

  3. Omg I am going to try out for the talent show?!?!?!:0 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! This party will be way better than the music jam that we had in July last year!!!! :D This reminds me of shake it up make your mark ultimate dance off 2012! :D I am going to performing DJ’s mix wheres the party for the show cause I got the costume it was my outfit idea since last year in November oh ad I will be dancing to dance moms songs too! BTW my penguin name is misspiggy472 I forgot to tell you something my penguin snowball0089 got banned in 2013 I am very nervous about my solo I’ve been practicing a lot!! This month the music jam 2014 is boring cause there is no backstage at the party just like at the muppets world tour and puffle party 2014

  4. I screamed when I saw this because I was SUPER EXCITED!! my penguin is going to win and she can dance with headphones from may 2014 penguin style!! just like DJs mix from shake it up Make your mark dance off I know all the moves because I watch the video everyday now lol oh and i have the bags a from the school and skate party i am going to watch that show on February the 18 2015 I can’t wait for this party to start! :D

  5. BTW I remember the Hollywood party 2013 it was fun with dubstep pufle in the limo I told my teacher at school about the Hollywood party in 2013 she was like SNOWBALL GOES TO HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!! lol

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