Club Penguin SoundStudio Party 2015 Construction at Snow Forts

If you go to the Snow Forts, as long as your cache has updated you’ll see some construction at the Snow Forts for the SoundStudio Party. (and even though mine has I still don’t see it, yet I see the new newspaper and new furniture catalogue…too many bugs Club Penguin, shame on you) There isn’t much to the construction: some blueprints, a crane, a few boards, shovels, and a mallet. Due to the construction one of the forts is temporarily gone. For those of you who can’t see the updated Snow Forts on Club Penguin like me, here it is: UPDATE: Finally, after four days, the update appears for me in-game.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.07.00 PM

The SoundStudio Party begins next week on the 19th of February. Along with the party will be the release of the SoundStudio app.

Thanks to Saraapril for bringing this update to my attention.

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin SoundStudio Party 2015 Construction at Snow Forts

  1. There’s something a bit weird….Why and how is there dirt under the snow? Club Penguin Island is located at the Antarctic, but I am pretty sure there isn’t any dirt underground. Oh well….

  2. I believe there should be dirt under there. “More than 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice. However, underneath this ice is a continent. Even mountain ranges and volcanoes exist under this ice.”

  3. Wow. Whenever Club Penguin updates I have to clear my cache. Wow. This is getting annoying. I never had to do that. :/

  4. Lol guys there is dirt but very very deep under the snow you would have to dig so much to find some dirt, somehow CP did something that makes no sense at all…

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