On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 14

By / January 14, 2015

Updates on the 14th of January have happened in 2006 and 2011. In 2006 a new furniture catalogue was released an in 2011 there were many updates such as a new furniture catalogue, new sports catalogue, new pin, a new game, and more!
In 2006 there was one update. That month’s furniture catalogue was released. Not much is known about the contents of this catalogue since Club Penguin was still is in its infancy, however I feel that it is safe to assume items such as the wooden chairs, table, and Red Coffee Chair all appeared in the catalogue as they are on the cover.


Unlike 2006 there were many updates in 2011. Two catalogues were released, the January 2011 Furniture Catalogue and the January 2011 Snow and Sports Catalogue. The new furniture was wilderness themed and the sports clothing was ice skating and hockey related. Along with those items there was also a new pin. The pin was the Sleeping Bag Pin and was hidden at the Coffee Shop. This was Club Penguin’s 145th pin and was the seventh pin to be hidden in that particular room.

There were also some big EPF updates on this day! The System Defender tower defense game along with stamps for the game were released. Club Penguin also released brand new EPF Tech Gear for agents to purchase and wear.


The final update in 2011 was two new login screens. Club Penguin added new login screens to advertise that month’s upcoming Wilderness Expedition and also the new System Defender game.


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