Club Penguin Magazine Issue 39

Beginning today the new issue of Club Penguin’s magazine is available in shops in the United Kingdom. This issue is issue 39.


Here is the table of contents this month:

  • Star Wars Rebels Takeover
  • The Really Wise Words of Sensei!
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: Hip Hoodies!
  • Coins For Change
  • Penguin Comic: Fast and the Furriest
  • Cadence’s Catwalk: Dazzling Diva!
  • The Secret Guide to CP
  • Mini Game Challenge!
  • Mini Game Masterclass: Sushi Drop
  • Wanted! Herbert P. Bear
  • Cool Cribs!
  • Posters
  • Alien Invasion!
  • Gary’s Experiments: Make Water Bend
  • Snack Attack!
  • Penguin Comic: Cute for a Cause!
  • Agent G Mail!
  • VIP: Pinkcherry38

The next issue of Club Penguin’s magazine, Issue 40, will be a pirate issue. It will be on sale starting the 5th of February. It’ll come with codes to unlock 1,500 coins free coins in game. This issue as well as next month’s issue do not come with any items.

Thanks Bloxxerman for the image and information!

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 39

    • Nah, I haven’t checked my mentions this afternoon since I’ve been busy with school. Bummer. Thanks for clarifying!

  1. Im a little glad the new magazines don’t bring any items. I mean, around 20% of the Club Penguin players cannot get these items due to them not being available in countries with LOADS of players like the US and Canada. Its unfair to see UK penguins brag their magazine swag.

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