Club Penguin Magazine Issue 38 – Sasquatch!

On Thursday a new issue of Club Penguin’s magazine was released in shops in the United Kingdom. The overall theme of this month’s issue is winter sports. Here’s the cover of issue 38:


Here’s the table of contents this time around:

  • Meet the Merry Walrus!
  • C.P.T.V!
  • Fashion 4 U: Sci-Fi Style!
  • Into the Wild!
  • Comic: Rockhopper’s Travels
  • Cadence’s Catwalk: Snack Attack
  • Create-A-Comic: Robo Sled Race!
  • CP Winter Olympics
  • Sasquatch
  • How to Draw Puffles
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Gary’s Experiments: Pen Cap Submarine
  • Snowman Puffle Party
  • Comic: Sensei’s Secret
  • Agent G Mail
  • VIP: Smileysammyd

Here’s the page about the Sasquatch:


Have YOU seen this creature? We’ve had reports that some penguins met this strange creature on Club Penguin. Have you? Apparently it is hard to spot it because it is always in a hurry. Keep your eyes peeled!

Name: We don’t know
Origin: Definitely not the Pet Store!
Colour: Brown – wait, why is that important?
Says: Grumble
Likes: Scratching belly
Dislikes: Being spotted

It seems to be wearing a tatty Beta Tester Hat. Could that mean it’s been on Club Penguin for a long time?

It looks pretty friendly, right? Right?? Monster want some pizza? A cookie? No? OK.

Look at the size of those hands! It looks strong enough to tip the iceberg!

Yikes, talk about big feet! Wait… You don’t think this could be the legendary Bigfoot, do you?

The next issue is a secrets issue. It’ll come with three posters, 1,500 coins, a fab free gift, and more. Issue 39 will be on sale starting the 8th of January.


As always, thanks to Bloxxerman for taking the time to send this to me. :)

7 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 38 – Sasquatch!

  1. uhm trainman, this Magazine Issue mentions that “The Claws of the Sasquatch” are big enough to “Tip” the iceberg… and at the next issue will be about SECRETS and there is a GREEN penguin with a hard hard and hammer on it :o i think we will TIP the iceberg around February-March! :)

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