Club Penguin In 2014 Review

It’s been a rough year for Club Penguin. I think the best way I would summarise Club Penguin’s 2014 year would be that it was good on mobile and bad on the computer.

Here’s some highlights of Club Penguin’s 2014 year that come to mind, good and bad:

  • Lots of Puffles
  • Lots of hacking and cheating
  • My personal data being accessed in Club Penguin’s system and penguin stolen
  • Frozen takeover, which many wanted
  • Club Penguin app no longer exclusive, available on iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Club Penguin app comes to Android
  • Sled Racer and Puffle Wild apps released for iOS
  • The ending of #WaddleOn and #TheSpoiler Alert
  • Megg, Polo Field, and Ninja shutting down their individual new Twitter accounts
  • We Wish You a Merry Walrus special
  • The Sasquatch mystery

Things have been interesting. It seems Club Penguin tried a lot of new things this year and it seems like a lot of it didn’t work out. A lot of people are calling 2014 the worst year on Club Penguin. While a lot of things this year definitely haven’t been enjoyable, I do want to give Club Penguin credit for at least trying new things. Here’s a few:

  • Many new Puffle creatures
  • Parties available on mobile
  • New parties, new decorations, and having parties off the island (such as The Fair and the Future Party)
  • Mini-parties
  • New mobile apps

I will be honest, I haven’t liked a lot of what Club Penguin did this year so that’s going to be what a majority of the rest of this post is going to be about. For starters they oversaturated Puffles. They discontinued #WaddleOn and #TheSpoilerAlert, parties on Club Penguin suffered as a result of mobile, the Elite Penguin Force is dead, cheating on Club Penguin has been off the hook, rooms are overdecorated at parties…

Part of it I’m sure, for me at least, is because I’m growing older and don’t find things meant for children to be as fun anymore. Yes, I still like Club Penguin. Don’t get me wrong. But as you get older you’re less imaginative and when people get older they slowly find Club Penguin boring. I do enjoy seeing what’s new on Club Penguin every week however, I always have. But it’s definitely rare you’ll catch me logged on Club Penguin outside of Wednesday night or Thursday morning, depending when they update.

I would definitely like to see Club Penguin return to their roots a little bit. Not “return old CP” like people want, but seriously, would it kill the Club Penguin Team to make pins at least a tiny bit smaller and hide them in rooms they don’t normally hide pins in, rather than continuously hiding them underground or something? Some pins have been hidden in rooms at least five times within the past year or two, yet other rooms haven’t had pins hidden in them in over two years. Variety is key, which I will expand upon more later.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing a little more simplicity in parties. Yes, there are some parties like Halloween or the Holiday Party where Club Penguin is expected to go all-out, but they don’t need to do that every single party. I wouldn’t seeing a really simple St. Patrick’s Day party for a few days. I also wouldn’t mind seeing scavenger hunts again. I know Club Penguin appeals to little kids. What age in particular I don’t know, so maybe making tasks and quests at parties a little more difficult isn’t feasible. I definitely enjoyed the Halloween Party because it actually had a plot and the tasks required at least a little thinking. That’s what made it fun, like the old knight’s quests at the Medieval Parties – excluding the 2013 one, that is. Other parties, such as the Frozen party, had no actual plot to it. It was just more of Aunt Arctic going “oh by the way Elsa’s coming to visit Club Penguin so here you go enjoy bye also make sure you collect snowflakes to items ok cya for real this time peace i’ll be in the cp times next week”. That’s not a storyline. That’s just dumping Frozen on top of Club Penguin. I’m not saying all parties need a story line, for example the Puffle Party. That doesn’t need a storyline. Clicking on snowflakes for items is boring. I guess it’s better than nothing, since Club Penguin used to just have boxes of items you would collect, but back then rooms weren’t overcrowded so they were enjoyable. Plus because your friends were on Club Penguin, you could just talk to them in the game. Nowadays that’s very difficult because of the super strict chat filter that doesn’t even allow “Puffle Wild” through the filter, or at least it used to not allow it. I haven’t checked if they fixed it. I prefer Twitter to interact with friends because my perfectly clean and safe messages can actually be seen by my friends. I guess the naughty penguins who tried to bypass the filter are to blame. Or maybe the filter is a bit too strict, I don’t know.

Back to my topic of variety. I like variety. Quests on Club Penguin during parties, for the most part, do not have variety. Let’s examine some parties from this year:

  • Muppets World Tour: Different task each day, such as having to throw a cream pie, cooking, drinking a potion, and more. Lots of variety with that and in my opinion the rooms weren’t overdecorated. It was quite a unique and fun party
  • Penguin Cup: join a team and play a mini-game to score points. The party was decent. The mini-game was repetitive but because it was multiplayer it was fun.
  • Frozen Takeover: find and click the snowflakes hidden in rooms. Repetitive and boring
  • School and Skate Party: cleaning up supplies. Very similar task to the Frozen Takeover….repetitive and boring
  • Halloween Party: simply had to click to collect items, but there was a big puzzle at the Puffle Hotel with more being unlocked each day. It was a little challenging and lots of fun!
  • Pirate Party: Battle crabs for your items. No variation each day. Repetitive and boring
  • Merry Walrus Party: complete a few simple tasks by clicking a few times and eventually clicking on crystals to collect them. There was a little variation which was nice, but again…repetitive and boring

When did parties start becoming repetitive and boring this year? The second half of 2014, right around the Music Jam. The Frozen Party was the first party available on mobile, and with the exception of the Halloween Party, they’ve all been mostly bad and repetitive. That’s why I say 2014’s been good on mobile but bad on the computer. Mobile is fun, mobile is flourishing, but ever since Club Penguin began bringing parties to mobile they’ve been extremely dull. I feel like because Club Penguin has brought parties to mobile, since it takes more work, they’ve had to short-change us on the computer version of Club Penguin. I don’t like that. Parties aren’t the only thing without variety now either, the furniture and igloo catalogue is a fantastic example. Every cover this year has been the same blue with a circle image in the center, whereas every month had something different in the past.


In the first half of 2014 parties weren’t even on Club Penguin itself. The Prehistoric Party in January, the Fair in February, the Future Party in May, and the Music Jam in July were held off the island. We accessed the Prehistoric Party and Future Party from the Time Trekker at the Snow Forts. No decorations on the island. The Fair and Music Jam were “destroyed” because they were always held on the island, except this year. The Fair was at a new fairground just for the party and the Music Jam was on a cruise ship. The Fair was pretty cool, although items were a bit expensive. And I didn’t like that most people, including myself, couldn’t collect all the pins from the spin to win. The Music Jam….I won’t even bother talking about.

The EPF is dead. It’s been dead. Same with stamps. Stamps haven’t been touched and the EPF is no fun aside from when they have a big operation roughly once a year. I liked the PSA more because even though we had to wait in-between missions, they had a big and continuous plot. And the PSA didn’t have pointless spy phone messages.

Now the subject of bugs. I think 2014 has been less buggy than 2013, except Club Penguin doesn’t do anything to fix them anymore unless it’s crucial, such as accidentally taking down a pin early…which they do often. It’s been several weeks and the blank emote box bug still hasn’t been fixed, for example. And that’s just one of many examples of unfixed bugs that have existed for a while and the team neglects to fix.

Enough of bugs, though. Let’s talk about the cheating epidemic Club Penguin has had this year! I’ve written a few posts earlier this year that I still agree with 100%. Even though Spike Hike commented on my post where I said I feel like Club Penguin doesn’t care about private servers or cheating to reassure us that they do, the actions of Club Penguin speaks otherwise. Private servers still exist in large numbers and people are still hacking items on Club Penguin. It’s not fun, it ruins the game experience to a degree. And back in November there was the absolutely thrilling experience where my privacy was completely compromised and my personal information was accessed in Club Penguin’s system, then to top it off my penguin was stolen. I’m still not happy it’s happened but the past is the past and I’m not going to continuously drag that and hold it against Club Penguin.

I’m also disappointed that Club Penguin ended #WaddleOn, ended #TheSpoilerAlert, and they closed down their individual Twitter accounts.

All of the negativity aside, however, I do applaud Club Penguin for trying new things and listening to our feedback.I wouldn’t mind seeing V0rtex’s vision of the future of Club Penguin implemented at some point. There have been some positives this year, don’t get me wrong. There’s been some enjoyable parties and Club Penguin really accomplished a lot on mobile this year, and I really enjoyed the We Wish You a Merry Walrus special.

I think I’ll wrap it up here. My membership will be renewed for another year later this month, which means I’m committing to playing Club Penguin for a ninth year. Hopefully 2015 has more simplicity and more variety…and not compromising parties on the computer just because it can’t be done on mobile yet. 2015 is Club Penguin’s 10th year running, so I hope they’ve got some surprises in store. I continue to look forward to logging on each week to see what’s new, something that never gets old.

What would you rate Club Penguin’s 2014 year? Was it good, bad, or in-between? What have been some of the best things about 2014? What about the worst? Feel free to voice your opinion and thoughts in the comments below. There’s an unlimited amount of space to type!

76 thoughts on “Club Penguin In 2014 Review

  1. I agree with your review. On a scale of 1-10 I’d give it somewhere between a 5 and 6. When people look back to 2014, they will remember it as the most bland year in Club Penguin history. I agree about a lot of the things you said about the parties. The only parties I really enjoyed was the fair and funny hat week, which was just a mini-party. I liked the fair, but I really don’t like it when club penguin seperates it from the island. The main thing I disliked about the parties was the over work on decorations, and the over use of quests. I don’t mind doing quests but is it really necessary to have one at every party? See this is the problem club penguin is having, they keep using a technique that’s not really working. There is no point in having a quest at every party, eventually you get tired of doing them and they get boring. Quests are fine but we don’t need one at every event. Club penguin should go back to using party catalogs, I enjoyed those a lot more. Club penguin also goes a little too far on the decorations. The big and fancy decorations are nice, but I would rather club penguin use less decoration and spread the party out more through the island. The last thing I want to say is WE DONT NEED ANYMORE PUFFLES.

    • I totally agree with you Shurow. I put up a post on my blog saying that this is probably the worst year the Club Penguin Team has had so far. The tenth year better have high expectations or I lose all faith for the team.

    • Club penguin has to! 10 years is a huge milestone. They should be working their hardest to do something really special. Such as doing things to go back to their roots or bring back a little history. This should be the year where nothing is a disappointment, but so far they haven’t done that.

  2. Very great review! :) this year the parties where indeed umh boring, but i did like some parties like the Future party, the halloween party, and the. Pirate party just because i love being a pirate on cp :3 and yeah glad you didnt do a huge review about music jam 2014…. This music jam just kinda ruined the party, i used to look forward to it cuz it was loads of fun but this year it ruined that. Im not looking forward to parties anymore, unless its a takeover, clubpenguin does always do lots of more work if it at takeover parties.

  3. I think Club Penguin’s 2014 year is okay in my opinion.
    But since I came at the very end of this year’s Music Jam, I still feel quite new to CP. (Note that)
    I agree with the activities in the Frozen Party and the School and Skate Party, we never get to do much and most non-members weren’t able to do much, such as adopting a Snowman Puffle or grab a skateboard and ride it around the island like I do as of now.
    For the Halloween Party though, I think this is my favorite party even though it’s my first Halloween in CP, there are different various quests and new antagonist introduced (Skip), but I think there should be more quests every day during the party.
    The Pirate Party has my similar opinion as the Frozen and School & Skate Party, but in a different way, members get cool swords while non-members stuck with a lame wooden sword and fight the same battle with crabs with the same difficulty and gameplay.
    Lastly, the Merry Walrus party seemed interesting at first, it was quite a surprising twist that the team decided to do something different instead of hosting Holiday Parties. However, when the party launched, it seemed in-between disappointing and okay, but just like the Halloween Party, we get to do quests by doing different activities and get a limited edition Puffle at the end.
    For the iOS apps, starting with the Sled Racer, it was really addicting, I tried everything to beat my own (and other penguins’) scores, but I can always try again.
    And the Puffle Wild, it is really awesome, I had experience with some match 3 games such as Candy Crush, the positive thing about this app is that there are no life limits comparing to Candy Crush and if you use Wild Puffles in game levels you get an extra thousand points or two if you use their power-up (My favorite wild Puffle is a black deer whom I named him Mudskipper, however my least favorite is the Yellow Unicorn Puffle because I’m an anti-pegasister).
    There is only one few negative thing about Puffle Wild though, if new players or non-members have only the blue and red Puffles or only blue Puffles to play with in the game, they get less advantages in playing the game. This is because I got all Puffles when I bought my first membership month (including the cat and dog Puffles). So there should be some Wild Puffles available to non-members.

    I could suggest what improvements CP should make:

    1. Non-members and member activities needed to be (more) equal, such as obtaining member items and adopting certain Puffles.
    2. More activities in parties, and also a storyline needs to be added in (in which I agree with).
    3. More excitement needed in parties (I might be suggesting some to the team via email later).
    4. An active debugging team. (Which I agree as well, but I don’t see much bugs in CP. :/ )

    That’s all I can say for 2014. Hope 2015 will be better. ;)


  4. Wow, that was amazing, I’m 100% with you, I just admired what you said there! Nice! I did used to like the more simple parties, rather than being total sell-outs and putting everything everywhere! You are absolutely right about the pins as well as them being hidden in obvious spaces again and again. Thank you for sharing! ;)

    • Oops! I forgot to mention, you’re also right about more missions in the EPF, They hardly even happen anymore! PSA Missions where fun, but that’s only because they actually had missions lol.
      The EPF needs to put itself back together ;)

  5. I think 2014 was a pretty good year, to be honest I quited CP on July 2013 cuz I was upset on missing the Star Wars takeover. I returned to CP after watching a puffle party comercial so I came back and renewed my membership and adopt the new puffles,yet did I know this was just the beginning of the puffle apocolapse ( XD ) then I got a couple of new friends and met this fan base of Marvel fans with their leader pretending to be Phil coulson ( from Marvel ) and the marvel fans were from SHIELD ( they all hated EPF and framed to be on war was th them with PSA and FBI on their side ) among two of thier members were hackers. they also framed to just be rare they were stil my friends and I didn’t report them ( cuz there my friends ) but I did report players who would be obvious hackers but They wouldn’t be banned!? Now on to parties…………………………………………WHY CP DID YOU MAKE THE MUSIC JAM!!!!!!?!?
    The frozen and school party were pretty boring, not as boring as that one party ⬆️ Either way
    2014 was an OK year I hope 2015 could improve speaking of which I heard CP next is taking place this year! :D *winks eye brows*

  6. I wish someone from CP Team will read that, because 100% of the post is a truth! If they learn something from last year’s mistakes, 2015 will be a very good year :)

  7. What I did in the end of The Fair, was to ask the CP team via email to give me the pins I was missing and the background as I am a collector of these stuff. Though some people may see this as cheating, I think it isn’t because I directly asked the team for that.

  8. My review:

    Parties that were very well, and were awesome:

    The Fair 2014

    Prehistoric Party 2014

    Penguin Cup

    Muppets World Tour

    Parties that were OK, not horrible but could’ve been done better:

    Halloween Party 2014

    Puffle Party 2014

    Future Party 2014

    Pirate Party 2014

    Parties that sucked and disappointed us all (worst to least worst):

    Music Jam

    Merry Walrus Party

    School and Skate Party

    Frozen Party

  9. In my opinion, 2014 is worst year ever in CP. Why? Most party decoration just recolor of past party. And almost all Penguin Style items now just recolor. The parties was boring and most of them suck. What disappoint me very much are they focus more on puffles, always spoil next party completely, CP creativity just more on takeovers and puffles, they ruin the anniversary party, and discontinue the yearly Holiday Party. The 9th Anniversary Party just recolored 7th Anniversary Party also CP spoiled the entire party hat in CP Times. Merry Walrus just lame idea, the party too. I feel the only room decorated is the Snow Fort. The rest, I feel it just recolored Holiday Party 2013. I hope in 2015, CP will stop these crappy takeovers, more focusing in their game, stop more pay attention to puffles, do more creative parties and items and stop recoloring, and CP need to learn right way how to give hint. I mean, CP just spoiled EVERYTHING COMPLETELY. I like how CP foreshadow the 9th Party Hat with the Anniversary Ballon Pin but I later surprised why they just spoiled ENTIRE hat in the CP Times. Why CP, why? Stop destroying your own game and your player! If you don’t want lost your game and your player, just simple, fix every mistake you made in 2014 . You can make 2015 a best year

    • All anniversary hats are recolours….there isn’t much more you can do to it aside from different coloured stripes. I do wish the colours were a surprise, I agree with you on that.

  10. First of all, let me start off with the fact that I am in eleventh grade and have been playing CP since I was in third grade. I often find myself still stuck in the olden days, only going to the parties to look at the room decorations and the buildings transformations. I have never had interest in collecting new clothes (I have my standard original outfit), doing ‘quests’, or even redecorating my igloo each month. I know a lot of the new players probably enjoy all of the newer features that Club Penguin offers, but they truly don’t appeal to me. Because I only play CP for exploring the transformed island, and a membership is not required to do so, I have barely renewed my membership this year.
    Back when the first nights quest was released (I was younger and it was a whole new idea in CP) I instantly got a membership and spent multiple hours helping people get through the maze. In addition, I recall there being a hot air balloon in the forest (I was too young to remember all the details) and I begged my dad for a membership because I could actually fly above the island! In addition, all of the original PSA missions, also including the F.I.S.H (and I didn’t have a membership then so I could buy the items) were really exciting. I remember that the spy googles were really secret and everyone wanted to get them. Some other memorable things… that play in the stage where you could go underground was cool. And that St. Patricks Day party where there was a members only room in the forest was very irritating for me because I didn’t have a membership then. Also, don’t get me started with the sports shop… (And that time they reversed the colors!)
    So bottom line, things have changed, but in the wrong way for an older players and perhaps a better way for a new player. I guess CP needs to capture a new audience!

  11. I like how people are complaining about take overs. This year only had 2 1/2 takeovers this year. The music jam was half a takeover. Thats the least take overs cp has ever had in a year. List of Takeovers:Frozen, Muppets, the people in the music jam.

  12. Just a tip for you Train… you may want to find a way to change your advertisements. Many don’t appeal to kids and you probably would get more clicks if they were kid friendly. Even I look at some of them and have to block them. But otherwise, last year was definitely your best year of blogging yet!

    • Unfortunately I can’t do much. I blocked inappropriate and non-kid friendly ads (ones that are provocative or don’t apply much to kids) but I can only do so much. I appreciate the suggestion however.

  13. Club Penguin 2014 has been in-between of good and bad for me. Pins and things to find in parties need to be hidden more. Pins used to be so hard to find I’d go to websites to tell me where the pin is. Now I don’t need a website because it’s so easy to find. Stuff like the snowflakes in the Frozen Party were so easy to find that it took me less than 5 minutes to find them. The EPF has really weakened. The Spy Phone has stopped updating messages. The last time it was updated was on November 14. I am interested to see what the leaders in the EPF team have to share. I was expecting a Card Jitsu Party last year. I thought it would be good to at least have one Card Jitsu party each year. Lots of people have forgot about the Dojo. People want to meet Sensei because he is the only mascot on their stamp list to meet. Trust me I know lots who need to meet him. That was something lots of penguin were expecting. Let me talk about parties now. The first one was the Prehistoric Party. I loved it. Club Penguin had a perfect plot. Good action, good rooms, one of the great parties. The second party was the Fair. Eh, I didn’t really get to play it. I was busy. Yet I enjoyed some of the rides. The third party was Muppets World Tour. i liked the rooms, I liked the activities, it was a good party. The fourth party was The Future Party. It has cool items, I liked shooting the meteors, cool rooms, etc. Good party. The fifth party was the Penguin Cup. I loved it because I love football (soccer). I thought it was a very interesting party. The rest except for Frozen Party (well, kinda) and the three last ones were not as good. There are lots more Club Penguin could improve on so I think 2015 will definitely be a good year.

  14. On a scale from 1 – 10 -14735473643746374500000000000303030303039292837475627283838473748374638473837

  15. I think the whole “less over-done decorations” is a big thing Club Penguin could improve on in my eyes. If you look back to, for example. the Christmas Party in 2008, the decorations were so simplistic and didn’t takeover the entire room. They did something as simple as making the mine shack a gingerbread house and putting a Christmas tree on the Iceberg. The decorations from that Club Penguin era are my favorite because of that, their simplicity. That level of decoration is all Club Penguin really needs. Club Penguin should tone down their decorating and use the time they save from that to spruce up a few more rooms and improve the party activities. Those are my hopes for 2015 Club Penguin.

  16. (SARCASAM ALERT) EPF? Is that the building with the high tech stuff? Man, 2014 rocked! I LOVED how Cp killed traditions. They killed November, the Month of the EPF as I call it. They took Christmas and gave Santa the boot. MERRY WALRUS RULES not. They hate the fans, they make Coins for Change a joke! I bet you CP donated out of pity. (Sarcasam ends.) WAKE UP CP!!!! WE FANS WANT YOU TO LISTEN. LISTEN I SAY! GIVE BACK THE OLD ROOMS, BRING BACK THE RECYCLING PLANT!

    I rest my case.

    -The Mysterious Mr. Who The Heck Wrote This?

  17. Well I guess I’ll share my opinions on all the 2014 parties and mini events on Club Penguin. Starting from January and eventually going on to December.

    New Year’s Day Fireworks: An awesome way to alternate the firework tradition held on Club Penguin year-after-year! While some could argue that it “strew from tradition too much” looking back I absolutely love how it looked with the Coins for Change train station. Although, I wished the team introduced a new quest, to obtain a special New Year’s item. Another thing is, the event needed to start on December 31. Score: 9/10

    Prehistoric Party: I love how this party expanded the storyline given the previous year. I loved the excitement leading up to the party with the mysterious message, and the appearance of the Time Trekker. I love how the party in a way showed us an island that had elements of present-day. Glad they brought back the transformations and the dino-dig igloos were a great way to allow the party to “come into their igloos”. The new dino puffles were a great treat at the time as well! Not much to complain about, possibly my favorite party of the year. Score: 10/10

    The Fair: From this party the biggest thing I remember is struggling to obtain enough tickets to buy all the exclusive items. I am a big clothing guru and buy everything from the catalog, but with the high prices I was a tad disappointed in Club Penguin. While The Daily Spin was a great new way to obtain items, it was nearly impossible to obtain pins, like Trainman said. Don’t get me wrong I did love the party and all the interactive features (boat rides, ferris wheel, roller coaster etc..), but I feel like Club Penguin had too high expectations for the players. Score: 7/10

    Russian Welcome Party: The decorated ice rink reminded of that simplicity of parties in 2008, I truly applaud Club Penguin for responded to the large percentage of players that prefer the old Club Penguin. In my opinion, more things in the room could’ve been added to decorate. Also, I don’t understand why Club Penguin made this event 1 month after the release of the Russian language on Club Penguin. Score: 7/10

    Muppets World Tour: I will admit that I was a tad disappointment among hearing that “Muppets” was going to the center of a future party. I really enjoyed all the room designs and how they showed that cultural sense from around the world. Kermit the Frog was almost impossible to find, and as a result I never obtained his background. I was truly disappointed with the Muppets Theater, since there was such a huge lead-up to it. Score: 8/10

    Puffle Party: The rooms for this party were such fun! Similar to the Prehistoric Party, I loved the excitement leading up to the Puffle Gala. Once the Gala was released, I was slightly disappointed, because in my opinion it was just a big fashion show. I was expecting something along the lines of the award show from the Hollywood Party 2013. My favorite room was the forest, and I was hoping with all my flippers crossed that they would keep this amazing room! The cove’s watersides were great fun too. Overall a very fun party. Score: 9/10

    Funny Hat Week: Eh, it was alright, could’ve been better. Given all the promotional material, I was expecting something like a contest, not just a hat giveaway event. The hats were awesome items and I was pleased with that. It was a boring party, in my opinion, and unlike the previous mini parties I never found myself going back to the room for pleasure. Score: 5/10

    Future Party: When I first heard about this party I was SO excited! Think about all the potential of a Future Party! Man, was a disappointed. I wasn’t really a fan of this EPF party type storyline, I prefer something along the lines of Operation Puffle. The items were super ugly, and the fact that it was a follow-up of the Puffle Party was even a greater disappointment. I did enjoy the create your own robot feature, but the idea of fighting in space didn’t really strike me as fun. In my opinion, the destroyed rooms looked awful. Score: 4/10

    Penguin Prom: This party is truly my favorite mini party of 2014. The limo was an awesome feature and I truly enjoyed how it was a graduation as well as a prom. I think it was a great event to lead up to the Penguin Cup! Another thing is, I liked how the team didn’t spoil the party and built plenty of anticipation up for the event. I remember seeing plenty of penguins at the event breaking out their dance moves and partying in the limo. Score: 10/10

    Penguin Cup: First, let me say that it was obvious that the Sharks were going to win and I believe the other teams were at a disadvantage. The blue team already had a HUGE fan base, consisting of for the most part, all of the island. I appreciated famous players joining smaller teams such as the Fluffies. Anyways, most of the free items were pointless, such as all of the vuvuzelas. I liked how by earning points you got better and earned more in a sense “power-ups”. The CPSN was a great way for penguins to act as broadcasters! I really enjoy these types of parties, because they’re very different from others. However, I do wish more rooms were decorated. Score: 8/10

    Music Jam: I will admit I was super excited for this party. The lead-up for the event was a huge, a cruise on Club Penguin? Wow was I excited whenever I heard the news of that. Let’s start with the positives, SoundStudio was a great new mini game to replace DJ3k. Violetta shouldn’t have been in this party, I understand that they want to appeal to other cultures, but if they do Spanish, they have to do Russian, Portuguese, French, etc. The music cruise was beautiful, but I hated the music-esque details. We all know that the rooms were a MAJOR disappointment considering they only decorated one room and that room was from another party. Definitely the worst party of 2014, maybe EVER. Score: 1/10

    Turbo Race 3000: What was the purpose of this mini party? It didn’t really appeal to anyone and few to no penguins even raced in the event. It was a cool one-time thing type party, but I wouldn’t want to do it again. Overall, this would’ve been a better party if it had appealed to more penguins. Score: 6/10

    Frozen Party: Another party in which the team listened to the players, great job Club Penguin team! I really liked the storyline of this party and how they turned it into a summer bash, but ALL of the party was spoiled with leaks leading to little to no surprise when the party did arrive. Club Penguin, please secure your designs more to preserve that surprise players get whenever they logon on the first day of the party. Like Trainman said, the snowflake scavenger hunt was far too easy and a glitch arose in which I lost my snowman puffle after the party had concluded. While, the freezing feature was a cool addition it was overused causing a sort of lag in rooms. Another thing is, I didn’t like how the “Let it Go” song was instrumental, although I understand sometime it can be hard to get copyright rights for the song. Score: 5/10

    School & Skate Party: I liked how this party capture that Coins for Change theme of giving back. I LOVE the mall so much, and I was in awe whenever I first logged on and saw it. The scavenger hunt was somewhat of an improvement from the Frozen Party, but still wasn’t as good as the previous years’s easter egg hunts. In my opinion, the skatepark was cool at first, but after a week became boring and pointless. This party really felt like a summer bash on the island. I applaud the team for creating amazing room designs, but this party truly lacked quantity. Score: 6/10

    Halloween Party: I really like the idea of using the hotel as a certain of paranormal happenings, but I wish they created at least a few new room designs. The hotel was awesome, but this party didn’t have the same “wow” factor as it’s predecessors. The ghost puffles were a cool new addition, but I would’ve liked to see the return of the transformations. Another way to capture that feeling from previous Halloween Parties is by re-introducing the annual Halloween Igloo Contest. Like I said there wasn’t much to review here since there wasn’t too much that was really “amazing”. Score: 7/10

    9th Anniversary Party: It’s cool how the team really went for that grand scale with this Anniversary Party. I would’ve liked to see the return of the previous year’s yearbooks and a different design that strays from the typical coffee shop look. I really like the colors of the party hat, again not much to say since it didn’t have that “wow” factor. Definitely not the best Anniversary Party we’ve had. Score: 8/10

    Pirate Party: I don’t like how this party reused the Star Wars party’s way of dueling. I like the idea of Rockhopper’s ship destroying and I look forward to seeing the new ship design, although I do wish construction began during the party. The room designs reminded me of previous Adventure Parties. Again, this party lacked quantity, but was amazing on quality. I wasn’t really a fan of a lot of the items, but I did enjoy the octopus legs and the grey sword (sorry I forgot what these items are called!). Score: 7/10

    Merry Walrus Parade: I really like the idea that this party displayed; a tease at the new Merry Walrus tradition. It was fun to ride in the parade and see a similar design in the Disney Christmas Parade, but this party failed to appeal to a large audience on the island. Another thing to note is that there was no free item for this party. Score: 8/10

    Merry Walrus: The idea for this party was great; a stray from the typical Holiday Parties the island hosts annually, but I felt like this party was one of the greatest disappointments of the year. Whenever it was revealed that the party consisted of “crazy traditions” I expected something equally fun, cute and weird. While this party tried to create a new event for the island it failed to meet the standards of previous Holiday Parties. I did enjoy the Merry Walrus mascot, as he acted as a sort of Santa Claus for the island. I was so happy that the mall came back! It was a great way to alternate a room used before, something the team should do for future parties. I felt like this party lacked in not only quantity, but quality alike. Score: 3/10

    Overall: The year started off with a “bang” with the Prehistoric Party, but slowly as the months went on the parties got worse and worse with an occasional pleasant surprise. I have faith that since 2015 is the Club Penguin 10 year anniversary, that the parties will be bigger and better.

  18. 1) NPCs, and these should have an actual AI
    2) Quest for pins, say you have to talk to an NPC or something for hints, or get a certain game score, nothing too big
    3) Redo CP from scratch, make clothes actually look good on non-members, maybe more sandbox game-esque, because we have the capabilities to do so. AS of right now, CP is a bunch of flash images strung together to vaguely make sense. Fixing bugs and adding that social feature V0rtex was talking about.

  19. 2014 was certainly a bumpy ride for all of us. I felt several things were over-exaggerated this year (mainly the Merry Walrus Party, which was just OK, and the Music Jam, which was, well, let’s just say people overreacted), but other things, I felt were UNDER-exaggerated. Mainly CP’s technical side. BUGS, BUGS, BUGS, and they don’t get fixed. Heck, there are bugs that have been waiting MONTHS, maybe even longer to get fixed (I’m looking at you, Puffle Digging and Skate Park bench bugs). Don’t get me started on hacking. Now I must admit, I used to cheat too back in 2013 (3 bans to prove it), but I’ve stopped since then. In 2014… it was awful (and it looks like it’s being carried into 2015 -.-). Hacks for every item, Puffles before they come out, membership cheats (specifically the past couple weeks), and worst of all… the moderator database exploit. It’s terrible that CP has just let most of this slide, instead of going and fixing the bugs, exploits. Taking down CPPS’s. Now I understand that the road to patching everything is long, but if they do, Club Penguin shall rise again (anyone get the reference?). That leads to more rambling, the EPF. There was absolutely NOTHING going on in the EPF this year except useless spy phone messages ( which stopped in November, I think they finally got the message, BA DUM CRASH) and the renovation that took too long (I’ll admit, that was a decent update, but I’ll miss the old HQ). The Operations of the past two years were some of the best events of those years, and Operation Blackout is my all time favorite party. Even small things like Operation Hot Sauce would’ve been nice to see in 2014. All we saw of Herbert this year was in the special We Wish You A Merry Walrus, which leads to my next point. Club Penguin’s first TV special aired just a few weeks ago. It was pretty awesome, great storyline, top-notch humor and some fine new characters (could use some more development). But the placement of buildings in there really bothered me. The Pet Shop was missing, the Hotel is shaped wrong, the Town and Plaza are swapped (and too close together, no Snow Forts, and WHAT are those other buildings on the opposite sides of them?) I’ll be honest, that was my only huge problem with the special. Otherwise, it was a funny, festive adventure that took hard work to make, and I’d love to see some more in the future. Next up, a sore subject for 2014, parties! They started off fine this year, an improved Prehistoric Party, an awesome Fair, Muppets World Tour, I guess it was okay, decent Puffle Party, decent Future Party (guys, there’s so much potential with what we learned at this party!), an awesome Penguin Cup to kick off (pun intended) the World Cup, and then… party quality dropped. And they hadn’t even hit mobile yet. Now, I heard that tons of rooms were deleted on accident, but who knows if that’s true, and even if they didn’t, there’s still an under-discussed topic about this. Months before the party, possibly before any major planning was started, this blog played an April Fool’s joke that there would be a Violetta Takeover in the Summer. Even after Trainman confirmed it a joke, rumors went floating around, negative rumors. Now surely, since the team saw all the negativity, they could have avoided Violetta coming to the party, right?… no. They deliberately didn’t listen to us, their community, about Violetta, and caused an even bigger outrage. Then, during the Frozen Party, the first party on mobile, parties dropped in a different way. We get to do some boring tasks in order to get items and/or Puffles. This continued on through the School and Skate Party. Exact same concept, different theme. Halloween, they actually made a great decision. They released the main Hotel quest on mobile, and had a huge party on web, with the quest. Even though most of the rooms were reused, who cares? CP has reused rooms other times before, and people didn’t complain. There were even older decorations in rooms that never get decorated anymore, something to satisfy old players, and me. The incredible simplicity of the Ski Lodge, Pool, and Ski Hill is just what we need at parties. A PARTY, not overhauled rooms (although I’m not hating on overhauled rooms, which can be neat, simplicity in room decor would be great, feel like a party, AND give the team time for other things). The STORY is also what makes lots of parties (exceptions like the Puffle Party can be made- they don’t even need in-depth stories!). Also at the Halloween Party, we have a mystery, a new character, a plot twist, and an ending. Good enough for me. In November, typical 2014 came back. The same boring thing over and over again, Rockhopper’s ship destroyed a second time (this kind of story works one time, and one time only), and only a few rooms decorated. I know that parties are harder now that they have to go on mobile, but to solve that, and give us better parties, they should just do what they did for the Halloween Party. The (overhauled) decorated rooms were amazing, however, and it was nice to see dueling return. December, still has repetitive tasks each day, throwing snowballs and clicking at spots in rooms. I like that we got our own unique holiday, but why can’t we celebrate Merry Walrus, and OTHER holidays too, without directly addressing them? That’s what the name “Holiday Party” was for. Now, we have parties on web, iOS and Android. But guess what? We got 10 rooms decorated, which isn’t 7 or 8, which is what Frozen, S&S and Pirate all had around, and they only had web and iOS to decorate. This shows us that even though it’s harder now, they are (or were?) capable of decorating more then the mere outdoor rooms in the front of the island. Last subject, Puffles. There were too many. The only 100% original Puffles of the 24 new ones we got were Ghost and Blue Crystal, because they weren’t just old colors with animal (and snowman) appendages. Puffle Wild (while we’re talking about apps, Sled Racer is a great, original, addicting app) was totally unnecessary, as it only gave us MOAR PUFFLES, and it was basically a CP-themed Match 3 game. The only Puffles this year I felt were necessary were Cat, Dog (long requested, in a way), Ghost and Blue Crystal (played crucial parts in storylines). Well, that wraps up my extremely long 2014-in-review. I didn’t even think I would type this much, maybe I should open a website. :P
    Despite the positives of the year, the negatives still outweigh it by at least a little bit. I don’t really have a rating in mind for 2014, but I’ll give it a 5/10, or a 1/2.

    • Long comment! lol. I think that music jam thing about rooms getting deleted was fake since there’s no documentation of an employee saying it, and you would think they have backups of things…the Violetta thing I posted sure was funny.

  20. I would rate Club Penguin 4/10 for 2014. I really hated a lot of parties this year including Music Jam, Frozen Takeover, Merry Walrus and School & Skate party.

    Most little kids hate school (or at least I did…) and once the summer was over, Club Penguin was like “summers over, now have a school party”. That’s just rubbing it in kids faces.

    The Music Jam was a complete disaster! If it was the 2011 Music Jam repeated, I would have been much happier but instead they have to shove exclusive mascots into it. What happened to just the Penguin Band performing like in 2011?

    The Frozen Takeover didn’t even have a storyline as you said, also I hate Frozen’s songs. The animation part of it was cool but the songs are so freaking annoying, especially when you have a younger sister constantly.

    Merry Walrus next. There was nothing wrong with the Holiday Party. I understand that not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas, but they pretty much changed the word ‘Christmas’ into ‘Walrus’. The sky in the rooms weren’t even set to night, which made it look less festive.

    Club Penguin also had very few good things such as Club Penguin app on Android, The Fair and Penguin Cup.

    Ever since the Club Penguin app was released for iOS, I’ve been dying to play it. Finally, it came out! A great way to end a year of waiting.

    Next comes the Fair. I know that a lot of people didn’t like the Fair this year because it just wasn’t fair that the prizes were overpriced. I enjoyed it because of the three sections it was split into. The music was also pretty cool for this party and I didn’t really mind that it was off the island.

    So, I hope 2015 can be better. Already, I doubt this as the first party of the year is a takeover… a Star Wars Takeover.

  21. Very disappointing year. The parties were disappointing (especially the Music Jam), WAY too many new puffles, I forgot all about EPF’s existence, lack of party decorations, the Halloween Party had the only good plot, too many cheaters and hacks, and no new Card-Jitsu stuff. Hopefully 2015 will be better. Great review, Trainman.

  22. Towards the end of 2014 Club Penguin has lessened the events. Between different parties like when the island is not decorated they should have some events around the island. I know we had the Turbo Racing 3000, the Penguin Prom, 9th Anniversary and Funny Hat Week but that’s just 4 and there was 12 parties. It gets boring waiting for parties to start so instead I just log off and go play some Minecraft. We need more Events!

  23. It’s almost stupid how CP just said: “You know what? Let’s make bad parties, we have no time for great parties this year”
    Another thing I will always argue: if they could bring back transforming into puffles feature why couldn’t they bring back the magical cookies of 2012’s Holiday Party?

    • They had that at the puffle party, and Non-members could do it to. I agree with you on coins for change, You can’t even get bonus items for donating like the past years, I don’t even think that we completed the final project this year. if we did then the CP team probably just donated for it them selves.

      • Remember that CFC isn’t just of receiving, rather giving.

        Still, I agree with you. This years Holiday Party (Merry Walrus Party) was completely bad, leaving CFC behind. It didn’t have a big involvement, rather donating coins. I feel CP should’ve included some feature to make CFC more “fascinating”. In fact, CP hasn’t even released any items related with CFC this year (excluding the CFC 2014 Pin).

        Then again, I think the idea of donating coins to receive items was a good idea.

  24. Scince the first arty this year is the Staar wars rebels takeover, then I hope it has a plot/storyline instead of quests, speaking about 2014 the mashup video they made didn’t even show proper footage of parties they only showcased the videos they released!! But I like it cuz I made a cameo in it! ;)

  25. SORRY CP IF I SAY THIS but I don’t wanna play you like 2011,the first time when I play you.I was a child of 8 years,EVERYDAY with CP and now…..the developers ruined you.The parties was ruined with TAKEOVERS!BUT 2015 WILL BE BETTER,NO MORE TAKEO….Star Wars Rebels Takeover in January…A STINKING TAKEOVER?!?!NO CP,NO CP NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  26. translate the message
    hola trainman y muchas gracias lo que escribiste la verdad yo no creo que el 2014 haya sido la pero de club penguin en lo personal pienso que tuvo un gran potencia solo que como dices la edad nos afecta mucho pero a mi no yo solia compartir cosas del juego con una amiga y la verdad cuando me cambie todo se fue en mi lo siento diferente porque en mi escuela no hago amigos pero en otros lugares si y me siento bien con esos amigos que los de la propia escuela porque tengo la seguridad de compartir sin que me critiquen y les tengo mas confianza y la verdad el valor de la fiesta como dijiste fue muy repetida a lo mejor con la nueva app todo lo de los puffles se solucione y creo que para el 2015 se uno de los buenos momentos del juego y lo que quiero ver es lo siguiente
    explorar mas
    minimisiones de espia
    y mucho mucho mas cosas pero aqui termino porque no se que mas pensar las palabras se me van a si que muchas gracias hombre tren

  27. Not really sure why all the hate for the music jam. I actually enjoyed the concept of a musical cruise ship and one of the things you could do was dress up as a musical skipper/captain. Not only that, but I found the new sound studio fun in creating music and sharing them with friends on the boat. If you like to role play in cp like me and my friends do, you would have liked roleplaying on the boat. I had fun with my friends trying to operate the cruise ship together, one of is was a captain, a passenger, a sailor, a doctor, and an engineer and we were trying to go to Hawaii. It was hilarious role playing with one another, which really brings the magic in club penguin IMO.

    I get it though, I didn’t care for the exclusive mascots either. With the roleplaying I did, I about forgot there were mascot performances.

  28. Hi sir Trainman,

    Apologies for posting this again, but it seems as though my other comments did not get sent for some odd reason. They’d usually show as “Your Comment is awaiting moderation” once I send it but it didn’t. Oh well, these things happen sometimes so that’s completely fine.

    About the help I need with the party host stamp sir trainman, I’m just a bit worried and hope you’ll be able to make it at any one of the selected times. Here are more if you’re busy at the times, I gave yesterday.

    Saturday January 3, 2015 on the server Sleet (7:00 PM EST)
    Sunday January 4, 2015 on the server Big Foot ( 4:00 PM EST)
    Tuesday January 6, 2015 on the server Abominable (5:00 PM EST)
    Thursday January 8, 2015 on the server Mittens (5:30 PM EST)

    If none of these times work for you sir, please reply back with the date and time you’re available so that I can be ready! :D


    – Cloud Flame

  29. 2014 was a mix of good and bad parties but aside from that we did get other things in 2014. We got the app on Android(finally!), We had two new mascots(Sasquatch and Merry Walrus) and back to parties. Some parties were amazing we need more good parties like Penguin Cup, The Fair,and The Halloween Party. Also about the takeovers, It’s not really the teams fault.Disney has many things they want to advertise and what’s a good way to do it? To use a popular game they have control over. So unfortunately,CP has to listen to Disney and make takeovers. But if they didn’t add that many(Like one or two per year) Then CP would have mostly original parties. But sometimes it is CP’s fault like with most horrible party of the year, Music Jam. only the Town and Dock were decorated and the boat wasn’t even that fun after a while. So What CP has to do this year is add more decoration,limit the takeovers, make more interesting storylines,and at least show that they actually listen to the people and consider our ideas.
    So let’s just hope 2015 isn’t like 2014 or even worse.

  30. I wasn’t part of club penguin in the year 2014 as I had quit after the prehistoric party becoz of my school studies and later joined back club penguin this December becoz my Dad got me monthly membership subscription but I can totally agree on your post. Club Penguin seems to get confused on how to satisfy Club Penguin players. The migrator is sinking and Club Penguin needs to come up with something good in 2015. I pointed out 10 things Club Penguin can be fun for us in 2015. I’d appreciate if you can have a look on it. :)

  31. Might as well post my own little review in the comments. Disagree with my review if you want, it’s just my opinion.

    Prehistoric Party: Pretty much a repeat of 2013 except for the storyline + some new rooms + Puffles (And so the Year of the Puffle began).
    Would’ve been considered below par for CP in 2013, but comparing it to 2014’s other parties, it was decently enjoyable. I’d give it a 6.4 out of 10.0.

    The Fair: Really happy that they brought this party back as it was always my favorite party. Even though they didn’t decorate any of the regular rooms (which they did with lots more parties later in the year), I still liked the Amazment Park nonetheless. The sunset sky was also pretty nice. Moving on to the games, they were good as always. The fact that the items you could get were REALLY over-priced probably ticked off a lot of people, but I liked it as it added a challenge to the game (something that doesn’t happen often nowadays). And in my opinion, even the new items weren’t all that bad. The fact that the rides were members-only doesn’t surprise me, but it’s nice that non-members could go on the rides if they got a silver ticket on The Daily Spin.
    Overall, it was a great party, I’d give it a 8.6/10.0.

    Muppets Takeover:
    I assumed this party was going to be a total flop for 2 reasons:
    1. It’s a takeover, so I didn’t expect much from it.
    2. I know it’s to advertise a new movie and all, but it’s pretty much a few steps away from a Sesame Street Takeover.
    It may have not been a memorable party, but it wasn’t all that much of a flop. I liked that different rooms were themed for different countries, as I’ve always liked geography. The minigames that you could do each day were pretty boring, as it was just about as simple as this:
    >go on a popular server
    >find someone with a big icon hanging over their head
    >click on it
    >free item
    That was pretty much it. I also didn’t like the fact that they released one new one each day, as it pretty much pressures you to log on.
    Overall, it wasn’t all that good, but it wasn’t TOO bad. 5.9/10.0, not all that bad for a takeover.

    Puffle Party:
    The fact that they took away rooms designated for each Puffle disappointed me. Rooms were okay, but they could’ve been better. The Puffle Gala was okay, but it was kinda boring as the only purpose was to do Puffle Tricks (which would be completely forgotten after a few weeks). Puffle Tricks and the Puffle Park were both total flops. The new Cat and Dog Puffles aren’t too bad compared to the Rainbow Puffle.
    Overall, it didn’t meet expectations compared to other Puffles Parties, but was average for 2014. 7.0/10.0.

    Future Party:
    Pretty much a rip-off of the Prehistoric Party. The whole meteor game thing was okay, but could’ve been better. Items were pretty ugly, rooms were pretty ugly, it was pretty bad (but nowhere near the utter disaster of Music Jam).
    Overall, it was a pretty bad party, it clocks in at about 3.7/10.0.

    Penguin Cup:
    Good party, nice rooms, great spin-off of the World Cup. I wasn’t a fan of the Stadium’s redesign, but there were some good qualities of it. The sound was nice, the cheers kinda remind me of the Premier League (you’ll never walk alone Trainman :P). I also liked that a scoreboard was added. The soccer minigame was pretty cool. Another nice part was that the Stage was a TV station (CP version of ESPN/TSN).
    Overall, a good party, I’ll rate it 8.1/10.0.

    Music Jam:
    Well… let’s get this over with.
    The team really hyped this one. I was excited to go on a cruise on CP. I was excited for a new game. I was excited to see the Penguin Band preform.
    And they blew it.
    And they blew it HARD too. Only two rooms decorated on the mainland (one of them recycled from last year).
    Even the rooms on the cruise ship were bad. Five out of the six rooms on the cruise were irrelevant to the actual party. The performances were really, REALLY bad. Also, how exactly does Violetta come into the story? The only good qualities of the party were Soundstudio and the daylight cycle on the cruise.
    Overall, this was a total disaster. Worst party of the year, maybe even the worst party in history. 1.3/10.0.

    Frozen Party/Takeover:
    Other than your little sister who still sings Let it Go more than a year after the movie released, most people didn’t enjoy this, to say the least.
    First of all, this comes 8 months after Frozen released in theaters. I know you have to get all this copyright stuff sorted out, but 8 months? Even though I’m personally not a fan of Frozen, I hoped this party was worth the wait.
    It wasn’t.
    Only a few rooms were decorated, and they weren’t all that good. The only rooms that reminded me the movie (I’ve watched it twice because of my sister :P) were the Dock (Castle) and the Forest (Trading Post). And the Ice Palace. But that’s not a regular room. The hidden snowflakes weren’t all that hidden. And other than going around freezing/thawing rooms, and doing role-play, there wasn’t much to do. Elsa’s performance looked more like she was doing aerobics to me. :P
    Oh, and don’t forget the Snowman Puffle. That was pretty much useless.
    Overall, it wasn’t very enjoyable. 4.3/10.0.

    School and Skate Party:
    Considering that we were just returning to the depression and sadness we know as school, this party just rubs it in our faces. Even though this party was for a good cause, it really could have been better.
    I'll start with the rooms. Only a few rooms on the east half of the island were decorated, along with a new room, the skatepark. That room was always full… well… for a few days. But for the few rooms they decorated, I'd say they did well, especially with the Stage/Mall and the Forest. I really wish they kept the multiple rooms in the School though. The scavenger hunt was really easy, but still better than the whole hidden snowflakes thing in August, and THAT was still better than the gem hunt in December. Items weren't all that bad.
    Overall, a little below average for 2014. 5.8/10.0.

    Halloween Party:
    CP were on a 3 month skid, so they needed to make the Halloween Party something big.
    And they did.
    Even though they only decorated a few rooms (most recycled), they made up for it with the storyline and the puzzles. Unlike the other "throw a snowball and you win" kind of puzzles, these actually required some thinking, especially the final one. On to the storyline, I liked the mysterious feel of it, perfect for Halloween.
    The plot twist at the end was great. And of course, ANOTHER Puffle, what a surprise.
    Overall, it was a great party, I give it a 8.3/10.0.

    9th Anniversary Party:
    Remember how much the 7th Anniversary flopped? The 9th pretty much did the same.
    If you compare the 7th and the 9th, you'll see that the rooms are pretty much identical (excluding color).
    The colors on the hat were okay. The yearbook was okay. I liked the music playing, but it was LOUD.
    If it was a big party like Halloween, I would give this a low score. But Anniversary parties are small, so you don't expect much from them.
    Overall, it's below par for an Anniversary Party, but since they're small, I won't go as hard on it. 4.4/10.0.

    Pirate Party:
    After the Halloween Party, CP started to go back into a slump.
    On the good side of things, the room decorations were great, especially the Forest and the Cove. They brought back the sword fighting mechanic from Star Wars Takeover, which I LOVED. The crab battles were okay.
    On the bad side of things, the crab fighting got pretty repetitive. The storyline wasn't very sturdy. A crab battle unlocks each day, which as I said back in the Muppets Takeover review, pressures you to log on. And the crab battles aren't very long, as it usually takes about 30 seconds (sometimes less) on average, and about 50 seconds at the longest.
    Another thing to note is that the Migrator crashed (again) as an excuse for a much-needed migrator redesign. Hopefully they don't mess this up by removing Treasure Hunt (one of my favorite games) or something like that.
    Overall, this party was decent, but it could've been better. 6.0/10.0.

    Merry Walrus Party:
    The TV special was awesome. The party, well, not so much.
    Starting off with the rooms, they didn't do too well. First off, it was daytime, which makes it feel more like a normal day in winter than it does Christmas. They also only decorated about 7-8 rooms, and didn't even touch some big rooms such as the Stadium and the Cove. In my opinion, they could've just taken the .swf files for, say, the Stadium from 2013, taken away the night sky, and put it in the room. Boom, done. You would be recycling the room, but it's still better than nothing. Now to the quests, they were boring. They were literally just throw a snowball here, throw a snowball there, done. And the gems were so big that it pretty much felt more like Dora the Explorer than CP. And as always, another Puffle. And finally, CFC. They pretty much made it a little side-note more than a main event. I really didn't think we would make it all the way on CFC. Now don't get me wrong, I like the idea of CP's own holiday. But they could have done much better.
    Overall, this party disappointed a lot of people. 4.8/10.0.

    2014 was a really bumpy ride for CP, they had high points, they had low points, and they had Music Jam.
    But they still pulled through, and overall, it was pretty decent. In my opinion, the final score (opinion based) on the year is about a 6.5/10.0.

    Final Score (average based): 6.2/10.0

    Party Leaderboard:
    1st: The Fair 8.6
    2nd: Halloween 8.3
    3rd: Penguin Cup 8.1
    4th: Puffle Party 7.0
    5th: Prehistoric 6.4
    6th: Pirate Party 6.0
    7th: Muppets Takeover 5.9
    8th: School & Skate 5.8
    9th: Merry Walrus 4.8
    10th: Anniversary 4.4
    11th: Frozen Party 4.3
    12th: Future Party 3.7
    13th: Music Jam 1.3

    Well, that wraps that up. Now my hands are sore from typing. :P

    Cya later and Happy 2015,

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