Club Penguin Hollywood Musical Party Coming Next Month

Earlier today Polo Field was on Club Penguin (and speaking of Polo Field, where’s the new login page design he said was coming today?) and he revealed what next month’s party is before they announced it on the blog! Up until now we only knew that there was a music-themed party coming later this year. As it turns out, it’s next month, and it’s not a Music Jam – it’s a Hollywood Musical!


That’s all we know for know, but I’m sure soon enough the Club Penguin Team will spill the beans on what’s to come next month. Are you ready to be a star?

Thanks Antonio!

21 thoughts on “Club Penguin Hollywood Musical Party Coming Next Month

      • I’ve thought of CP combing a Star Wars Takeover and a Pirate Party and do some sort of party, similar to the Treasure Planet movie!

        The Migrator transforms into the Migrenium Falcon. Penguins have to infiltrate the Death StARR and stop Darth Herbert, alongside the Pirate Crabs and the vikings (new villain introduced).

        However, I hope CP does a good work with them, in that case, not hosting combo parties randomly (for instance, PREHISTORIC FUTURE PARTY!) unless it has a storyline. I guess the only party it will work would be the Fair. The Fair could go with ANY kind of party.

        Pirate Fair, Prehistoric Fair, Medieval (Renaissance) Fair, Future Fair, Puffle Fair. The list can go on and on.

        I also hope for CP making a combo party of The Fair, Summer Party and Music Jam for this Summer. That would really be one of the best parties in CP History. A great party for Summer.

  1. Hollywood Party 2013 was great, and Music Jam 2011 was amazing – combine them and you get Hollywood Musical Party 2015! Hope this is awesome!

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