19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Giving The Play Page a New Look Tomorrow

  1. Some of this I won’t get to see because on Mac, it changes some of the controls like language select. Otherwise it should be the same.

  2. I prefer the current update :/ It’s TOO blue and adjusting the screens was ACTUALLY useful. If you found yourself in a crowded server and room, small screen would come in handy.

    Not the first time CP does pointless updates which in fact, the previous one was better and more useful (inventory order for instance). Although I feel CP should’ve updated several aspects of the play page, I feel they shouldn’t have done big things to it.

  3. Nothing against the current play page but if this ‘new play page’ give CP better graphics,by getting the club_penguin.swf bigger, i don’t care too much on changing it.

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