PH is at the Dock on Club Penguin’s App

Last week, either on Thursday or Friday, Club Penguin added PH to the Dock on their mobile app. You can see her with Glitterpants, the Yellow Unicorn Puffle. If you tap on her she will talk to you.


When you tap her, she’ll pop up in the top right corner similar to what mascots have been doing lately in quests.


She says:

Crikey! The wilds are full of powerful puffles like Glitterpants! Check out the games on the map so we can explore and find more!

If you open the map and select games you’ll see Puffle Wild in the top left corner.


Tapping the icon will take you to the Puffle Wild app if you already have it installed. I’m assuming if you do not have it installed, it will instead take you to the app in the app store.


Thanks Bosschubby!

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