One More Day To Donate To Coins For Change!

There’s one more day to donate to Coins For Change before it ends this year, so let’s keep donating to Club Penguin reaches the fourth goal! Here’s the post Megg wrote on Club Penguin’s Blog:

Thanks to everyone who has donated coins to Coins For Change! You guys ROCK!

There’s still one day left, and we’re so close to reaching the last project! So let’s blow those donations out of the water :D


You can find more information about the projects this year’s Coins For Change is supporting by visiting our Coins for Change 2014 page.

AND, we’re going to announce the results on January 5th – stay tuned!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

You can donate to Coins For Change at donation stations around the island or by buying clothing items from the Penguin Style catalogue.

26 thoughts on “One More Day To Donate To Coins For Change!

  1. We won’t make this. We already beat last year’s amount of coins but I think we won’t unlock 4th goal because there is no reward for that (items etc.) so people aren’t that generous like year ago.

  2. The problem of why the donations are SO slow lately is because CP didn’t do something new to CFC unlike past years. Another reason why I hate this years Holiday Party (Merry Walrus Party)

    • And have you seen the servers nowadays? Last year the bars on the first page had at least 3 bars and above, and now, there is only about 7 or 8 servers that have either 4 bars or 5 bars. All the other servers are all empty. Even the first page is only Abominable and Blizzard that are good.

  3. Yes, I agree with Sebapilka I wanted prizes/items so I haven’t donated that much this year.
    I have donated 1200 coins only I usually donate around 10000 and 20000 and sometimes more!

  4. Oh please, nobody will donate! No one cares about CFC this year! I’m sure CP will raise the coins just to make us think we’re gonna reach it!

  5. A lot of my friends aren’t bothering to even go on to this silly winter party after getting the items.
    They are busy with CHRISTMAS.

  6. I think Club Penguin hasn’t been encouraging Coins For Change. The big excitement of the Merry Walrus took away all the fun of giving coins for one of the greatest causes ever. I’m still trying to give out lots of coins.

    • They don’t, it’s just for fun and to have penguins take part. The more coins you donate the more they donate to charity.

  7. Don’t get we wrong, but how do they even transfer the coins into real ones?!
    P.S. If I have already typed this comment, the other one I typed didn’t show on the reply list for me.

  8. Pretty sure that CP is deliberately rising up coins to make us think players are donating because players are not giving two birds abot CFC this year.

    • I know right? It was fun to donate CFC in previous parties because you could turn into a reindeer puffle or a toy car or a frost penguin! But now you get NOTHING for it…

  9. Lol about two or three days ago it only barely reached to the 2nd point, and now all of a sudden it reached almost all the way up? Even made it past the FOURTH point? CP is cheating xp

  10. Guys. If you’re disappointed by how CP isn’t rewarding players to donate, then forget of that. We already had items in the Party Interface Quest thingy. Back to the topic, the items aren’t really everything of Coins For Change. I understand you’re frustrated with CP doing a horrible work at this years Holiday Party (Merry Walrus Party), but that does NOT mean we shouldn’t donate to CFC.

    The thing is that, CP hasn’t done anything fascinating for this years CFC. They completely removed the essence of the CFC and the holiday spirit, but we should still have that spirit present.

    Try to be positive and give positive influence to others. Let’s all be Santa Claus this year and spread some joy to those people who need our help. People who are sick, orphans, hungry, etc. I understand CP hasn’t been Santa Claus all this year, and we should ignore that. The thing is that, we should spread joy to those people who need our help and make CFC a success.

    After all, remember. If we reach the goal, it does NOT mean that the Merry Walrus Party is a succesful party (in fact, it’s one of the worst parties in CP history). Instead, this years CFC will be succesful.

    After all remember, what is more important? Donate coins to achieve a virtual item OR, enough money to make wonderful things, helping many people around the world?

  11. How do they even transfer the coins into real money?? It’s not like poor people in Africa all play CP! In my opinion, it’s impossible to do make CP virtual coins into real money.

  12. Train, if you got my comment a few times, it was because it wouldn’t show it on the reply list, even though I checked it on different devices.

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