Club Penguin Merry Walrus Meetup Times [Tracker]

Merry Walrus is waddling around the island! He has a free giveaway background if you meet him and you can also add him to your friend list. In this post I will be collecting all official meetup times Club Penguin gives out on their blog and social media, so check back to this post frequently for new meetup times.walrusyo

All meetup times in this post are PST, which is the time the clock tower displays at the Snow Forts. For EST add three hours to the PST times and for the UK add eight hours to the PST times. All of the servers listed below are English servers unless otherwise stated.

Tuesday, December 30th

9:00 AM on the Portuguese server Deu Branco
10:00 Am on the Spanish server Oso polar
11:00 AM on the Portuguese server Friaca
11:00 AM on the Spanish server Trineo de nieve

Wednesday, December 31st

5:00 AM on the Russian server Аврора

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  1. i was trying to meet him on mamoth and cp crashed! it then said when i tried to log back on that cp was busy updating behind the scenes,

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