Club Penguin Blog: Coins for Change 2014 – Play for Change!

Today on the Club Penguin Blog Megg made a post talking about this year’s Coins For Change charity event and what to expect. This year Coins For Change will be taking place from December 18th to the 29th. During that time period, all proceeds from items we buy from the Penguin Style will be donated to Coins For Change – a new feature this year.


This year’s Coins For Change will go towards four different projects:

  1. Schools
  2. Libraries
  3. Playgrounds
  4. Animal Homes

You can learn more by going to Club Penguin’s Coins For Change 2014 page. Have you begun saving up?

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Coins for Change 2014 – Play for Change!

    • Honestly, the idea is good, but they should’ve done it to more catalogs, like Snow and Sports, or the Furniture and Igloo (where you can buy more then one of a piece of furniture). Or they should’ve kept track of all the coins spent in the Penguin Style from the day it was released to the Merry Walrus Party, (when the real donating begins) and donate that many coins to CFC. Then when the party begins, the coins spent in the catalog will just go to the CFC total.

      • I think it’s enough with the Penguin Style. Poor CP, they’ve done so many similar campaigns (like building wildlife reserves for bears in April, building schools in September and promoting Anti-Bullying in October) spending a lot of money.

    • No, but you can donate directly more than once, which I certainly will be doing- 2 hours of Cart Surfer with double coins, here I come! :p

      Seriously though I’m donating a bunch.

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