Club Penguin Android App FAQ

Club Penguin has now set up a FAQ page on the Disney website to answer their most frequently asked questions about their newly launched Android mobile app.

AndroidFAQ-1419279754 (1)

You can view the mobile FAQ here. If you still need a question that needs answering Club Penguin Support will be more than happy to help assist you.

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Android App FAQ

  1. The FAQ is basically like:
    “This app is not compatible with:
    [Insert every phone made before 2013 here]”

    They took about a year changing some coding on an app that had already been previously created, made it super laggy and glitchy, and it isn’t even compatible with THE MAJORITY OF ANDROID DEVICES! Whoever’s idea this was, thanks for all the fake hype! -_-

    Though in all seriousness, did they have like 3 people coding the Android version or something? I guess that would make sense actually… :P

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