Announcement: 12 Days of Contests Begins TOMORROW! [Everything You Need To Know]

Some of you may recall my 12 Days of Contests (or one year when it was 24 days) from prior years, a big giveaway in which I buy different codes and give everyone a chance to enter and try to win one.┬áIf you’re wondering how I’m able to afford this without a job, it’s because of the advertisements on my websites. When they’re clicked I’ll make a few cents, and overtime that will add up. Like I always say, I have no problem with admitting that I make money off this website. I just hope you all never think I blog only for the money, because money is not the reason I blog. I do not make a fortune from Club Penguin Memories, and I’m fine with that. With the money I earn from you guys I am able to give back in the form of these giveaways. This year I am doing something a little different and partnering with Energezer as the giveaway will be done across my blog and his blog. He actually wanted to partner up last year but I was unable to do so, so we’re doing it this year! Please make sure you read this whole post before asking any questions about the giveaway, as I will be trying to answer any you might have in this post. Anyway, here’s the plan:

Day 1 on Sunday, December 14th will be hosted on my blog
Day 2 on Monday, December 15th will be hosted on Energezer’s blog
Day 3 on Tuesday, December 16th will be hosted on my blog
Day 4 on Wednesday, December 17th will be hosted on Energezer’s blog
Day 5 on Thursday, December 18th will be hosted on my blog
Day 6 on Friday, December 19th will be hosted on Energezer’s blog
Day 7 on Sunday, December 20th will be hosted on my blog
Day 8 on Monday, December 21st will be hosted on Energezer’s blog
Day 9 on Tuesday, December 22nd will be hosted on my blog
Day 10 on Wednesday, December 23rd will be hosted on Energezer’s blog
Day 11 on Thursday, December 24th will be hosted on my blog
Day 12 on Friday, December 25th will be hosted on Energezer’s blog

The giveaway is starting one day late this year (usually I begin on the 13th of December) but it’s no big deal. As you can see, every other day I’m hosting the giveaway, and every other day Energezer is hosting it. On the days Energezer hosts it I will make a post for that day’s contest like usual but you will go to his blog (i’ll be providing a link in the posts, don’t worry) and you’ll have to enter however he requires you to. On the days I host the giveaway I’ll have the full post with instructions on how to enter and he will direct readers from readers to Club Penguin Memories for that day.


Between Sunday, December 14th and Wednesday, December 25th either I or Energezer will have some sort of task or simple entering scheme for you to complete if you want to enter that day’s giveaway. Anyone that completes the task correctly (or does whatever it is required for that day) will have their name entered into a drawing for that specific day. We then pick one lucky person to win whatever prize is up for grabs on that specific day – likely either a one month membership or a coin code to unlock the treasure book. Tasks could possible include doing items such as:

  • Simply commenting on the post for that day
  • Trivia questions
  • Puzzles
  • Etc (if you have other suggestions feel free to tell me them in the comments below!)

Tasks can and will be repeated on different days.

Every day at exactly midnight PST (Penguin Standard Time), a new post will automatically be published on the website listing the task you need to do in order to be entered for that day. You will then have a grand total of twenty four (24) hours to complete that given task before entries are no longer accepted for that day, as the next day’s task will then be published for you to enter. You can enter once per day. Anyone caught cheating will be eliminated. I reserve the right to not count any task submissions due to cheating. Be sure you read each task post over carefully to make sure you do everything correctly so your entry is counted for that day!

Also: The contest posts will not be pinned to the top of the blog, so depending on what time of day or day of the week you visit Club Penguin Memories you might have to scroll down a little bit to look for it!

As mentioned above, you will be able to win the following items this year:

  • One month membership codes
  • Coin codes
  • Maybe a mystery code or two from me?

Now to sum everything up:

  • On the odd days I will be doing the giveaway, on the even days Energezer will be doing the giveaway
  • There will be one task a day you need to complete between the days of December 14th and December 25th
  • You have 24 hours to enter each one (12:00 AM to 11:59 PM)
  • 12 codes are up for grabs (one per day)
  • There will be different tasks

Be sure you put in your real email address when submitting a comment so I can contact you and give you the code if you win!

Remember, cheating is strictly forbidden. For example, no entering under multiple names in order to increase your chances of winning. I do reserve the right to disqualify you if I suspect cheating – so really, entering multiple times will decrease your chance of winning. Cheating will get you banned from that day’s task, however if you continuously cheat multiple times I will stop counting any and all entries from you. For example, if I suspect you cheated on day 4, you will not be entered for that day however you can still enter on day 5, day 6, and so on as long as you do not cheat anymore. (but don’t cheat please! In the past three years I’ve done this most of you have been very honest and I appreciate that) I will not notify you if I suspect you of cheating. Just play fair like everyone else! There are plenty of chances to win. :)

I also want to mention that Disney/Club Penguin or anyone else is not a sponsor of this contest. The codes are purchased with own money and were not given to us for free or at a discounted price. They were purchased at a store.

Winners will all be announced on or around the 26th of December. If not announced on that day I can guarantee they will be announced by January 1st, 2015. Depending on how many entries I have to sort through it may have an effect on how quickly I can judge entries each day. Winners will all be randomly drawn and can win more than once. You can enter once per day, meaning you can have up to 12 entries. (1 x 12 – 6 per blog)

Now, who’s ready to have some fun? I know I am! Thanks for yet another fun year in blogging. The least I can do for you guys and gals is give back after all you have given to me. :)

12 thoughts on “Announcement: 12 Days of Contests Begins TOMORROW! [Everything You Need To Know]

  1. Hopefully I win this year. Anyways, I also hope the Monday’s task is easy (such as commenting and be automatically entered…this Tuesday is a tough day since I take Math exam, and because I failed that exam before, I won’t have any permission on Monday to use the computer for a single second)

    Just several suggestions. You can do crossword puzzles (If I remember correctly, you never did it in the past 2 years), where on the island puzzles like you did in the past years and finally, do a task where the reader must read a previous/old post like from year 2012/2013, giving clues on what year and which 3 months the post is between. You would update that old post and whoever comments either on that old post or in your task post commenting the name of the old post and/or linking it gets entered. That would be very challenging

  2. You said that you will be hosting on odd days and Energezer would be hosting on even days. When you gave the list of days of the contest you put yourself on even days. :P

  3. I have Adblock, so I guess I’m not a help to you, sorry. :P
    Anyways, I’m grateful you’re doing this again! I was thinking you weren’t going to do it this year. Also, will there be any Magazine codes, Bling Bling Necklace or Mystery Pin codes this year, too?

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