Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014 Cheats Guide

Avast! Club Penguin’s 2014 Pirate Party is now released and I’ve got the full walkthrough guide! If you don’t like the party, then you can walk the plank!

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Table of Contents:

Task and Free Items

When you login to Club Penguin for the first time during the party Rockhopper will speak to you.

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YEARGH! Scallywag crabs crashed me ship AND looted me hold full of rare items! That be against the pirate code I just be making up!

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Will ye join me crew, matey? Stop these crabs from burying me treasure and ye can have your fair share!

The Pirate Party has two different parts. There is the crab treasure hunt, with new pieces being unlocked each day, and the pirate journey, where you can battle other pirates. Both unlock items for your penguin. Some of the items are members only.

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The first part of the Crab Treasure Hunt is at the Beach.

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When you go to battle the crabs Rockhopper will speak to you again.

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It be a duel! Dueling be a lot like rock, paper, scissors. Beat yer opponent’s attack and win!

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Claim yer sword and show ’em how a real pirate be swashbucklin’!


So do that. Battle the crabs and click one of the three buttons. Eventually you’ll defeat all three. It’s not that difficult.

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Once you beat the crabs Rockhopper will talk again:

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Well done, matey. But crabs STILL be burying treasure. Train with your draw until ye be ready for more mighty duels!


Now that the three crabs at the beach are defeated you can collect the rewarded free items for that day. One item is for everyone and one item is members only.

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In the meantime, wear the Wooden Sword and duel other pirates on the island to gain practice. Along the day you will unlock even more pirate items.

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If you were on Club Penguin in July 2013 for the Star Wars Party, you’ll see that the dueling is similar to the jedi dueling. You click one of the three moves and hope your move beats the other person’s.

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Unlike the crab treasure hunt, there is no “come back tomorrow for more” thing.


Here’s the map for the party:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.16.36 AM

The three special party emotes this time around are the pirate, treasure chest, and crab claws.
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.36.56 AM

Here is the special safe chat messages for the party:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.37.12 AM

There’s special jokes too.

Rockhopper is waddling around the island. You can view the meetup times in this post.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.17.51 AM

Overall, the party is fun and the decorations are nice. I didn’t expect the party to be huge, and I think it’s great to have another pirate party on Club Penguin. But…what’s Herbert up to? :)

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20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014 Cheats Guide

  1. The swordfighting is hard and glitchy, because sometimes when you click you don’t fight But I managed to get all items from the Penguin Duels, and now I’m happy :)

    • Also, I love the decorations. So beautiful :). Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be having a new Rockhopper background :(

  2. “…the dueling is familiar to the jedi dueling…” Don’t you mean “the dueling is SIMILAR to the jedi dueling” ?

  3. I wish there was at least one inside room decorated, but love the outside spaces.
    The girl cousins are glad the cove is decorated with “girly” in mind and is at the END so less likely to have boys battling through it.

    Nice little party for November between the 2 large parties of Halloween and Christmas.

  4. This party is really different than parties CP has had in the past…I don’t know I get too much of a kiddish vibe from this party. :/

    • It’s ironic because I think the opposite. CP is bringing back again a more deep storyline in a party with this time, a “war” between something.

      I just wish there were more rooms decorated. Heck, the Ski Village isn’t even decorated nor any indoor room. Anyways, this doesn’t seem to be a bad party either I mean, nothing beats the Music Jam 2014; winner of the oscar for “Worst Party of CP”.

        • At least the St. Patrick’s Day Parties had

          1) More rooms decorated
          2) Outstanding decorations
          3) Decent music

          Talking about Music Jam 2014 and past St. Patrick’s Day Parties, the theme music of the Music Jam 2014 is completely suitable for a St. Patrick’s Day Party. Heck, that wasn’t an appropiate theme music for a Musical Party.

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