Club Penguin Magazine Issue 37: Holiday Special – Quality Deteriorating?

Today the thirty seventh issue of Club Penguin’s magazine is available for sale in the United Kingdom, although some lucky penguins were able to find it earlier in the week such as yesterday. This week’s issue is a holiday special.


Here is the table of contents in this issue:

  1. Pirate Crab Attack
  2. The Really Wise Words of Sensei
  3. C.P.T.V
  4. Fashion 4 U: Festive Fabulous
  5. EPF Alert
  6. Comic: Diva Napped!
  7. Cadence’s Catwalk: New Species
  8. Herbert Hates Christmas!
  9. Puffle Tree Hangers
  10. Competition
  11. Cool Cribs
  12. Posters
  13. Sensei’s Surprise!
  14. Gary’s Experiments: Dissolving Rocks
  15. Santa Penguin Delivery!
  16. Comic: Christmas Countdown!
  17. Agent G Mail!
  18. VIP: Busling
  19. Issue 38 Sneak Peek

The Pirate Crab Attack section has a little blurb about the Pirate Party.

Shiver me timbers! Pesky pirate crabs be takin’ over me ship! Join me crew from 20th November to 3rd December to battle the crabs and restore our pirate pride!

Here is the sneak peek for the 38th issue:


The next issue will be on sale December 11th. It will come with a free Puffle Pinball, 1500 coins, and three free items for your penguin: Blue Goggles, Cool Ski Boots, and a Racing Sled. The 38th issue will have a theme of fun Winter sports.

Also, Bloxxerman pointed out to me that the quality of Club Penguin’s magazine is deteriorating. I found it interested so I’m republishing what he said to me here:

I have a bad feeling the Club Penguin magazine circulation is starting to deteriorate, and is therefore in danger of ending. There are a few notes to this: first of all, the magazine used to have exclusive items, however now there are never any exclusive items, and it’s always old ones. Second, a few issues ago, the magazine started to be printed on lower quality paper. The cover was nice and glossy before, and now it’s just regular paper. The free gifts are almost always repeats now, and now this issue didn’t even come in a bag. The free gift was sellotaped in the front, and the code is now on the first page, so they’re not even bothering to protect it anymore. Anyone could just walk in, open the mag, write down the code, and use it. Now this could just all be cost-cutting measures, but it’s not good signs in a magazine. Hopefully it all turns out to be nothing!

Thanks to Goeddy and Bloxxerman for images and information!

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 37: Holiday Special – Quality Deteriorating?

  1. I thought I stopped being interested in adquiring the CP Mag by my age. Although it may be a fact, I don’t care of it anymore because it’s usually issues providing info. about something old (like in the Halloween Party 2014 giving info. of the Halloween Party 2013 which we already know), and the items. If they were exclusive, I would get more interested, but heck, those items were already on CP before. They’re even giving away items from 2013 in the CP Mag. Completely worthless nowadays…

  2. Also, I feel CP is THAT lazy in utilizing the same artwork (excluding comics). Look at the cover, they simply added an image of the Plaza during the Holiday Party 2013, and those penguins which appeared somewhere before in late 2013, and simply look how unfitting the penguins are in the Plaza image. Even I CAN do that in under 5 minutes! It’s simply adding a layer in any editing program and then pasting the image.

    Not only CP is being lazy with parties lately, but even in their merch as well (Okay, let’s exclude the Halloween Party 2014…that party was boss).

  3. They’re probably cutting costs so they can make more of a profit out of it. I do agree with some of the above comments in saying they’re getting lazy with the artwork. Once on the ‘ANSWERS’ page (the last page) in the mag (I’m from the UK) I actually saw 3 different drawings of Gary from his 3 different designs that CP has ever gave them.

  4. Trainman and penguins,
    You have to understand the side of Club Penguin, ok, I also like the unique items, plus you also have to think that non-subscribers Penguins can not access items from members!
    I think the intention of the magazine, and the Penguins do not bring members, items of subscribers, and the case of the role of the magazine can be only one option that the publisher which prints the magazine has, here in Brazil (I’m Brazilian) the publisher and Abril is the cover paper for now and still good as it used to you, just think it should not go blaming the Club Penguin for everything bad, you have to always look beside you, and the side of those who produce the magazine too, can be up to that Club Penguin is not satisfied with the paper.
    Here in Brazil, Panini Comics (which I believe is the publisher that prints its magazines) also prints the comics, magazines with a role in a horrible quality

    • É,também sobre a imagem da capa,as revistas aqui quase sempre veem com um fundo de um local do Club Penguin com apenas um ou dois pinguins,quando ela não copia a capa de vocês(quase sempre acontece…).

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