PuffleWild: Pages from an Explorer’s Journal [Club Penguin Video]

A short new video has been uploaded to Club Penguin’s YouTube channel! It’s a short PuffleWild teaser. You can watch it below:

I really like the style of that video! I look forward to learning more about PuffleWild in the near future. Megg said the following about the video on the blog:

Pictures can tell amazing stories. Get a glimpse into the mysterious wilds of Club Penguin, through the eyes of a great explorer.

12 thoughts on “PuffleWild: Pages from an Explorer’s Journal [Club Penguin Video]

  1. Remember the Foggy Forest thing from March 2014? That seems to be puffle wild (because of the statue, that was in the Foggy Forest, and in a journal entry around 17 seconds in saying: “Thick fog beyond.”)

  2. Hey… Didn’t Spike Hike say something about a new side of the map? Maybe the side will be called Puffle Wild and those places are rooms from there? Just a guess.

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