Happy Birthday, Club Penguin – Fan Art Video

To celebrate 9 years of Club Penguin, Megg and Ninja made a fan art video with submissions sent in by players around the world! There are definitely many artistic players out there. See it all for yourself:

Fantastic work, both to the artists and also the Club Penguin Team for producing another great video. Happy birthday!

Also…I think they’re all a bit better at drawing than me. :(


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Club Penguin – Fan Art Video

  1. Ikr, same here, lol. Fantastic drawings in the video! Also, happy 9th birthday Club Penguin! It’s only been about 3 years since I joined, but I’m glad I did.

  2. Uhuhuh! I’m brazilian boy and has two drawings mine in the video! 0:25 The Mall (I would love that the room were it added on Club Penguin …). And have another drawing my in 2:14 minutes which is the avatar penguin of Zendaya , i made this drawing of her when she had been on the party of Music Jam. :). VERY COOL !!!

    It is very gratifying to my drawings are on video in celebration of the anniversary of nine years of CP (I’m touched, happy and very fortunate): P

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