Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Sneak Peek

A sneak peek sketch of one of the rooms that will be at Club Penguin’s big Halloween Party sneak peek has been posted on Club Penguin’s Russian Twitter account.

The image:


Looks great! I really hope this year’s Halloween Party isn’t a bust like some other parties this year.

22 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Sneak Peek

  1. Ooh, I wonder if that’s gonna be the basement, with the power switches. It kinda looks like the Music Cruise Engine Room to me, but not quite.

    • Mainly the Fair and Music Jam and a bit of the Prehistoric Party since it was so similar. The Fair had cool rooms but not decorating the island wasn’t cool. Music Jam is self explanatory, lol.

      • Prehistoric Party was nice, it had some good improvements over the first one. The Fair, well, it was okay. I liked playing the games again, and earning tickets was actually a challenge this year (even if they went overboard on the prices), but the Daily Spin stunk, and like you said, the island wasn’t decorated. Music Jam? Eh… let’s hope they try it again next year, with most of the island decorated.

      • The future party was cool, but it wasn’t how I envisioned the future of CP. And I was hoping the island wold change as opposed to traveling through a time machine.

  2. It says in the text ‘Are you waiting for Halloween sneak peeks? Well here’s one for you! What do you think it is? Tell us what you think!’

    I translated this myself without Translate. (not bragging or anything)

  3. I liked the Fair but I forgot that the whole Island was not decorated. When Lane was in Charge there were a ton of decorations and don’t get me wrong that some last year were good like the Star Wars Party but I think the team needs to catch up on their work or the game will not succeed. Disney said they are focusing on Club Penguin right now but it seems that nothing is getting done. Hopefully Disney Virtual Studios will work better.

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